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  1. I would avoid robots. I dont want or need robots to determine my trades or my financial success. It needs to be me all the way!

  2. Yo vussy can one start trading Nasdaq with the 347rands bonus one claims from xm?

  3. I respect your views when it comes to trading robots, somehow you missed a lot of points when it comes to automated trading systems that retail traders call trading robots.

    Types of trading robots(Automated Trading Systems).

    Traditional trading robot old methods
    Arbitrage, Martingale, Hedge, Trend following

    Modern Trading machine learning
    Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforced

    Traditional methods are based on strategies that have been created by humans, and Modern trading machine learning is based on computers learning to trade, machine learning, in my opinion, is the future of not only trading but automation.

    Supervised learning is based on inputs and outputs which consist of training data either from traders or trading history.

    Unsupervised will look for patterns in the market and execute trades according to these patterns for example if you take 1 and 5 minutes time frames theirs patterns that an automated trading system can detect which a human cannot this are based on price in points being greater than volume signaling a change in direction or big money coming into the market.

    Reinforcement learning this is reward-based meaning the automated trading system takes trades randomly and stores all the parameters where trades were profitable this is time-intensive but the rewards are great.

    Teaching retail traders about this types of modern trading systems will help them understand the future of trading and how institutes are employing these types of systems, these are companies that use algorithms(automated systems or robots for retail traders), Renaissance Technologies, PDT Partners Fund, and DE Shaw

    I could go deeper into this topic but I don't want to write a book on your comment sections

  4. Some robots are dynamic, they use a HTTPRequest() function to get data from API's in order to get latest events and their exact time so as to decide whether to trade or not… also a smart developer can update their events API file to check events on DailyFxCalendar website… Robots can check spread and market volatility…there are way to get data from the market, the only question is do people know this info.

  5. Been watching your videos for like 15mim now, really dope vibes. Just wanna know how i can hit you up, forex related.

  6. Hey bud. You do get bots that take into account trading times, news events and there are algo's that self train and adjust through neural networks. You would need to learn about quantative trading and analysis where you can use api's to pull data for the bot to learn from and execute. It doesnt mean that if you havent heard about it that it does not exist. All the big guys trade with algos, check out Tom Kalada that runs Raging Fx with an algo – they are ex Goldman Sachs guys for example. I also develop my own algos and I can tell you that there is a lot more than covered in this video. Happy to share links if you want, I'll only share if you like as to avoid spamming on your content. Good luck in your trading!

  7. Thanks broe..I was checking out one of your videos from June last night…and it helped a lot in understanding why I have been blowing my account countless times…i was making multiple orders at a risky lot size…and trying to catch short reversals…now i understand the one order philosophy with pending orders in a trend direction..and re-adjusting the S/L…

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