XRP – Ripple daily trading strategy on binance

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Simple trading techniques using binance. Join Binance:


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5 comentários em “XRP – Ripple daily trading strategy on binance

  1. Hello,Ramon ! Your strategy is very good.I made good profit after i saw your videos.Keep up the good work!

    PS :How much do you think BTC will go up?

  2. Nice video, As usual, a smart person should have a very keen eye on the bitcoin right now as every pullback should be seen as another fresh chance to buy some more and also to increase that substantially by trading as the market dynamics right now if tapped in by an expert could make life (or almost life) changing difference. A perfect guide as I have come to see from experience Mr Frank Hagan with whose daily signals I have been able to grow a portfolio as little as 0.7BTC to almost 6 BTC in just 2 weeks. Hagan is a trader others should strive to be like because I am sure as much as he has been resourceful for me, he has been for other traders as well. For inquiries, Hagan can be reached For a professional tutoring kindly reach him on WhatsApp +46700263583 and Telegram @ Hagansignals*