Why Is Term Insurance Better Than Whole Life Insurance?

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24 comentários em “Why Is Term Insurance Better Than Whole Life Insurance?

  1. I sell life insurance full time. The only ti.e I sell whole life is when the customer is absolutely adamant about it no matter what I tell them. Or, if I know for sure they cannot qualify for term life. If I sell whole life, it's only for old ppl who have no savings to make sure they have their final expenses paid for.

  2. The elementary thought and lack of creativity behind what Dave is saying is so ridiculous. Narrow minded people tend to follow narrow minded leaders.

  3. Term life is great when you're young but when you get older it explodes through the roof. My whole life is a guaranteed policy premium for life and inflation decreases the payment cost over time.

  4. This is great and all, assuming the family can afford a burial no matter what. If it’s a low income household a fixed price whole life policy can provide that peace of mind.

  5. This guy is an idiot . If anyone wants me to explain why whole life is a good product please let me know . He doesn’t understand how it fully works .

  6. I was young and dumb. I bought whole life insurance. The policy is up to cash $4000 and the deducible to take it out is $5000.

  7. Index universal life Insurance…..upside potential….downside protection……true compounding vehicle….

  8. I have a permanent life insurance policy and my death benefit grows every year because I will get the cash value on top of my original death benefit. I started with 200K in death benefit and by the time I’m 65 I will have a 500K death benefit and 300K in cash I’ll have access to.

  9. You are not borrowing your own money. Brother Dave is just pro-term than anything else.

  10. As he says, you may not always qualify for life insurance. As you are in good health you can qualify for life insurance. As you get older with a higher risk of health concerns becomes an insurability concern. The rate term increases over time with no cash value exceeds the constant rate with cash value. The point of whole life is know you will die someday, while the point of term is knowing what time period you will die while in adequate health today. If you can know for certainly when you will die, by all means get term. There is a point where you will not be able to afford the increasing rate of term premiums if you life long enough. I will say whole life is not for everyone, but term is not for everyone as well. Yes I am an insurance agent, but I see that advantages of both while I also understand their disadvantages.

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