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Why is my Power BI refresh so SLOW?!? 3 Bottlenecks for refresh performance

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It’s really frustrating when your Power BI refresh takes too long or times out! Adam breaks down 3 bottlenecks that can slow down your Power BI refresh to help you optimize the performance.

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  1. Great video. Random question – I have the Definitive Guide to DAX first edition. Is there enough of a difference to consider picking up the 2nd Ed?

  2. Awesome tips, I have a question. My data model takes less than a minute to load and update when I'm on the Desktop Power Bi, however, when I publish the report and Update from the web service, I have a strange fluctuation, sometimes an "On Demand" refresh may take up to an hour, sometimes its done in minutes. There's no changes to the report, but the web-service seems unreliable in its loading times compared to the desktop. What could it be?

  3. great video and very interesting! we invite you to take a look at our videos which deal with the same topics 🙂

  4. Since the september 2021 uptade when I open my pbix file the first refresh takes too long, even hours, the next times it takes around 5 minutes like usually before the update. It only started happening after updating the version of power bi, I have no idea why. I didn't make any changes on the model, anyone facing the same issue? how can I fix it?

  5. O produto precisa evoluir nesta parte. Consultas rápidas no SQL SERVER com processamento lento no PQUERY.

  6. We are getting the Same with pulling from Webservices on Dynamic NAV 2016. Good guide now to check where the slow down might be. Thanks guys.

  7. Good quality video. I still have a long way to go to learn all this things.
    Have same issues with refresh takes forever.
    Still a bit confused about how the "query" can be put to "source" instead of "fact".

  8. One surprising bottleneck I have discovered recently is 'query caching' in a mixed data model.
    With query caching on the refresh would take about 23 minutes and without only about 3 minutes.
    The root cause is still a bit unclear to me, but my best guess is that the cache has to be refilled each time the refresh runs.
    Another caveat to using query caching, in our case, was that the data model footprint exploded from about 50 MB to 2,4 GB.
    So be careful when using the query cache out there!
    Maybe a video on the inner workings of query caching would be appreciated by the community?

  9. Hello! Looking for advice how to solve issue by connecting to excel files with Restricted Access. I have all the rights to do changes in files but Power Query i got error Unable to connect, details: "File contains corrupted data". If source file(s) will be open, Power Query can connect easily but its inefficient way 🙁
    As I see, some Idea already created
    Appreciate for any feedback!

  10. Please make a video about Exchange Online to Power BI. It took over one hour to load only about 7000 rows from the Exchange Online via power query. Where is the bottle neck? This case it was shared mail folder and only messages from this year. The purpose was to make month by month visuals only how many (external) messages shared mailbox received. I only selected received date, sender address, title, message body (for possible future text analysis).

  11. Great handy tips, i was hoping you would touch on DAX studio or performance analyser on this video

  12. That's great, I understand this applies to import mode, but when its DQ, it's completely different where source db performance has to be optimum.. following best practice rules analyzer for tabular model. Any other suggestions for DQ reports optimization?

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