When Is Best Time To Close Bitsgap Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy To Take Profit Stop Loss

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When Is Best Time To Close Bitsgap Crypto Trading Underperforming Grid Bot To Take Profit Stop Loss

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  1. when the bot sells your coins to start a bot, what happens to those coins, are they lost forever?

  2. hey bud I have a bot that's s 26% up that doing 1.53% daily average should you reset a bot when it's up like that or let it run if I reset it will it reset at a larger investment

  3. hi
    my gridbot stop because the ,arket dump and all positions are in the sell mod,How can i to avoid ranging mood (range) in the bitgap robot

  4. What’s the financial implication of having a negative investment change for an active bot?? Does it affect my current profit if I decide to close not and sell at market price??

  5. the reason i came here is to figure out how the stop loss works.
    because yesterday my stop loss was triggered. but it did not sell all the base coin. wich is fucking stupid

  6. if you close the bot because it's dropped out of range and you're in a loss, by closing open orders, do you realize the loss?

  7. Hi 🙂 when setting up grid bots do you always set up stop loss ? Why if the bot has the chance to get back to the range and go up again? Either way you loos when your coin is falling but it can bounce back. How low do you put your stop losses below the last resistance ?

  8. Wow I thought I was hitting a home run. Woke up to a sad story. Grid profit $111 however got stoped out and lost all profits.

  9. Hey Recon, loving your videos. What would you suggest setting foir a price surge. I recently missed some gain since my sell orders all filled and no buy orders got filled. Any tips? more grids and capital? or if the percentage over takes its game over for that bot until price comes down again?

    Cheers thank you very much

  10. Would it be safe to use my long term never sell coins like BTC? Like besides the possibility of the btc value going down are there any other potential risks if I am using it to USDT?

  11. @RECON TRADER, what does it really mean to “sell your bots on market price”?? Does it mean it will immediately sell it at the current price or it will see at the same price it was bought??

  12. Good education thanks ! looking forward to the next one and future pairs you will bet on.

  13. Great videos. I've been trying to set up my Bitsgap with Binance US. I created the API key and connected it, but Bitsgap keeps saying I need to connect Binance. Is it not possible to connect Binance US to a BOT?? I sent a help request to Bitsgap almost a week ago and no response.

  14. Great video as always! Would love your thoughts on how profitable these grid bots are when you also take into capital gains and tax implications?

  15. Another great video Sir. I would ask you a question: Have you ever calculated in your wallet if the % profit of bitsgap matches your exchange wallet? I found it very tricky,i calculeted few times and it never matched the real profit,i feel little scammed. I always calculated the quantity of the coins nad always take in consideration the changed value of the base currency and coin…..maybe I misscalculated.

  16. Great stuff…thanks so much, I don't understand the change? column and how to interpret the results….perhaps a chat about how to interpret dashboard signals and readings to get the best results would be really appreciated. Thanks again

  17. Funny how it displays time on that site. A month and 38 days? So 2 months and 8 days then!?

  18. For those of us on Quadency and comfortable with it, would you recommend sticking to it or is Bitsgap worth switching over to? I see that you use both!

  19. Awesome video, you are giving for free so much advice for beginners, you should get some recognition !!! Keep it up !

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