What is the Most Exciting League on Sorare?

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5 comentários em “What is the Most Exciting League on Sorare?

  1. Surely some of the unpredictability comes from 1) The Structure of the league, with it being split into conferences and some teams in the conference playing twice and others 3 times and then having to play a few matches against the other conference the difficultly of each teams schedule plays a massive part so when it comes to both the division tables and the combined one its not real a fair reflection 2) With no relegation you would think that there is a point where teams simply aren't trying as hard, if it doesn't have a real impact on you why not throw in some youngsters for some minutes for example. Infact doesn't it benefit teams to come lower as they get the better draft order?

    If you split the MLS into two proper divisions rather than regional splits where teams played each other twice and teams could get relegated which it be as random or would it end up being more predictable as everyone would have the same difficulty of schedule and teams would have more to play for throughout the season

  2. Could you argue that is also makes it harder to perform well on sorare when the teams can jump so much in performance? or does the knowledge around the players counter that? 🙂

  3. Cool new intro. As to the most exciting league, for me it's got to be maybe Eredivisie with high scoring or Premier League/Bundesliga, where you can watch some of the best players in the world put on a show. I know there's potential in Sorare for MLS cards, but unpredictability is not something everyone wants, when it's about their own assets.

  4. This is exactly why I bought an Asian SO5 team during the off season dip. If I went America division I would have wanted MLS cards. But the predictions based off of past season performance is too difficult to guess because of the yo-yo tendency of the MLS. You'd have to be really dialled in and knowledgeable of the league to make informed enough decisions for it to ultimately not just be a gamble. Or buy foreign super stars who are going to score high no matter what (RIP LA Zlatan). I decided on the Asia team first because if I win cards there + build up some ETH thresholds from my global team, I'd be able to buy an MLS team once the season was already underway and there was already a small indication of how things are panning out.

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