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What is the best trading bot?

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Is there a best stock trading bot? Crypto bot? Options bot? Find out here.
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  1. This is so fucking dope I just started trying to learn python im on Hello World… this seem so far away but I want to use this one day in the finance world and this channel is really interesting

  2. I want to start writing my own trading bot but I don't have a lot of money to start with is it worth doing if I can only start with like 500$

  3. I try to develop my own.
    But it works on day trading. I will post the results after testing.

  4. coding a trading bot i much harder than i thought. the unpredictability of the stock market makes it impossible to be on the right siDe e of the trade most of the time.
    learning how to code takes time
    learning how to trade takes time.
    implamenting that in code takes 10x longer.
    there just isnt a trading bot available where you can put a check mark in the box for each kind of strategy you might want to try out.
    i would half to have adjustable parameters within each checkbox strategy.
    where is that bot at?

  5. How much would you recommend I start investing with on my first trading bot?

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