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What is Python? Why Python is So Popular?

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What is Python? This short video explains it in 4 minutes.
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In this video, I’m going to answer the top questions about Python:

– What is Python?
– What can you do with Python?
– What kind of applications can you build with Python?
– How to learn Python?

Python is one of the top three most popular programming languages in 2021 and everybody is learning Python either to make their life easier or to expand their job opportunities.

Python is often used in:
– Data science and machine learning
– Web development
– Automation

In fact, if you want to get into data science and machine learning, Python is THE language that you must learn.

Python and Django (a popular Python framework) are also very popular choices for building the backend of web applications. Small or big companies use Python to re-write their existing applications or build new applications. Instagram, DropBox, and YouTube are examples of websites built with Python. Well, more accurately, the backend of these applications is built with Python and Django.

Python is also very popular for writing scripts to automate repetitive boring tasks that waste their time.

If you want to expand your career opportunities, you should learn Python in 2021.

Watch my Python tutorial for beginners to learn Python in one day:

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  1. I’m going to learn Python to create AI for RC cars and other fun machines. Would be a good hobby

  2. Who else is here after already completing a Python class and wondered "What the hell did I just learn?"

  3. everything you said, complete opposite of another programming instructor youtuber regarding beginners. especially the demand from employers for python programmers lol!

  4. what is the difference between spyder and python…… can you make a veidio on that

  5. My purpose is creating Relational Databases and or CRMs ( not much need for any calculations) ? Wondering for a person not knowing much about Codes, which code is easier to understand, learn and use. VBA or Python or any other ? Any chance you might have a free sample Python template to see how it looks?

  6. If you are a beginner , and don't want job but change the world , give me your number .

  7. Sir, can you recommend what language should I learn first pls.? I am a beginner.

  8. Thank you for making this Python playlist! I'm interested in learning and becoming fluent in Python so I quite appreciate this free online learning resource.

  9. someone with python knowledge honestly tell me this , what job did u get with it , and how much do you get paid

  10. I really recommend to you the book "Automate the boring stuff with Python" if you're starting learning Python. It's a great book for beginners!

  11. But where is python used? I have developed computer softwares, mobile apps, web apps, games, and I have never used python.

  12. That's most "professional" review I've ever seen. =/ "Reason no. 1 – commands are shorter…" Please….

  13. im starting learning python next week at school. imma start preparing ahead of time, using ur vids because they're good and simple

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