🌙WHAT DOES YOUR SOULMATE LOOK LIKE? 🌙Their appearance 🔮Pick a card

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  1. Pile 2 different culture, language and country, he's short, not skinny, he's Japanese and I'm Indonesian , he's very hard working , loved by a lot of people

  2. Yall- my readings are WAY to similar- its kinda creepy and I keep on seeing the star card- help-

  3. ..pile 4: all i did was look at the v and the possibilities of them having a dog…

    HolY crAp Kim taEhyUng? Idek the rest of the reading tho lemme just continue watching..

  4. Wait a minute: i heard something wrong from the beginning: soulmate is not the same as husband or wife, uffff, bad beginning

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