What Altcoins Will EXPLODE in the Next Months

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Today we talk about 3 cryptocurrencies that we think will outperform the market and that we’ve invested in recently.
That is of course if bitcoin doesn’t decide to crash and burn in in the next months and take the market down with it.
So our eyes are on BTC as well to see what it’s doing but here are the 3 altcoins that we believe have a huge potential in Q4 and beyond.

Coin Number one is Polkadot or DOT because of one simple reason. Parachains on the main Polkadot chain.
We’ve been hearing about this for quite some time now but it seems that we’re closer than ever.
Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and creator of Polkadot and Kusama has confirmed in a recent interview that the audit for parachains on dot is over and was successful.
So, as the guys from Moonbeam Network also confirmed in a recent tweet a Kusama/ Polkadot bridge may come sooner than expected.

Coin Number two is ELROND. One year ago, you could have bought this coin for under 10 $. In September 2021 it reached an all-time high of 300$ which was over 30 x in just one year.
You could argue that the coin is overpriced but the reality is that the exciting times for Elrond are just now starting.
Despite the fact that there are no real applications operational with Elrond, the network has reached 8.4M transactions and almost 12 M Elrond staked.
What Elrond needs now are products, products, and more products. And we have been seeing new stuff rolling in for Elrond including the Maiar Defi Wallet which has launched dApps.
This means Elrond will be able to start connecting with decentralized applications via the Maiar wallet.
Also, quite worth mentioning is that KuCoin will list ESDTs which basically are Elrond network tokens giving some much-needed centralized exchange liquidity for these tokens.
And let’s not forget the Maiar Exchange which should be released soon along with the much anticipated Maiar Exchange tokens airdrop for those who staked Elrond.

Coin number 3:
Our number 3 choice is Polygon ( Matic ). Well, how does “MATIC eclipsed ETH in daily active users for the first time” sound like? This actually happened on September the 28th.
It’s not really a surprise since, with Polygon, you have the same features as with Ethereum and just for a fraction of the price.
And if you’re caught off guard by this choice and don’t know that this coin is, Polygon is part of the layer 2 infrastructure of the Ethereum network and it’s the biggest sidechain by far.
Polygon is just emerging as a practical option for a few new exceptional projects and it’s gained popularity because of the great throughput and low gas expenses experienced by clients and developers in its platform.
They have just recently announced that they have Hermez which will provide layer 2 scaling solutions for the Polygon ecosystem.
They’ve also teamed up with Earnst & Young to work on building Ethereum scaling and enterprise solutions which will bring even more scalability with the Polygon Nightfall collaboration.
And let’s not forget the partnership between Polygon and GAMEE which is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands to deploy Arc8 esports play-to-earn platform the Polygon network.

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