WARNING: STOP using the LAW OF ATTRACTION and START using the Law of Vibration!

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The law of attraction is very powerful, but it’s not understand very well by people. This is why you must stop using the law of attraction, and start using the law of vibration. The law of vibration is a primary universal law, and the law of attraction is a secondary law that works on behalf of the law of vibration…

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In today’s video we break down:
1.) What the law of attraction is
2.) What the law of vibration is
3.) how to use the law of attraction by evoking the law of vibration
4.) how to reprogram your subconscious by changing your emotions and shifting your vibration
5.) how the power of imagination can be used to activate the law of vibration
6.) how the law of attraction is so misunderstood by people, and why they cannot manifest what they really want.

WARNING: STOP using the LAW OF ATTRACTION and START using the Law of Vibration!

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25 comentários em “WARNING: STOP using the LAW OF ATTRACTION and START using the Law of Vibration!

  1. I did a screenshoot of my bank account and repleaced my actual account with six figures. I put this picture as my background wallpaper of my phone. so everytime I open my phone I see these six figures on my bank account and give thanks to it.

  2. You are totally right Bro.This is exactly what I do to feel what is like to be rich. And it works. Thank you for this video. Cheers from Brazil!!

  3. This was needed Jake. People need to hear this. It's all about law of vibration. Thank you

  4. I create my own reality Jake I'm so happy and grateful that you didn't follow the broader path but you made up your mind stay in the energy field and you showed us all how to be a magnet it is true energy can never be destroyed

  5. I AM sure this vibrational path is just another rabbit hole, much as The Key was in The Secret.

  6. Naw…. I AM the source. I AM not going to use laws. I AM already in possession of everything I want.

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