Used 5.6kWh LiFePO4 Solar Battery w/BMS for $850 (

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43 comentários em “Used 5.6kWh LiFePO4 Solar Battery w/BMS for $850 (

  1. If you bought a battery from battery hookup that does not test at the advertised capacity, return it. is now making different listings for different capacities of these packs (I got a grade b pack in the video, which is why I pulled less than advertised capacity), and they are offering 100% money back for anyone testing less than advertised. So far they have only had a single return, and they took care of it 100%, which is why I'm going to work with them. If anyone complains about, or they feel like they got screwed over, let me know. They are the only company testing the capacity on these packs, so I will work with them. They are a great deal, but they need to be listed properly. They were sending out grade a modules in the beginning too, so I don't think anyone who bought a battery from them will have an issue.

    Now that we have the capacity issue out of the way, I am going to build some super cheap systems with this module. I had to ramble a bit in this video to hit every issue mentioned on the forums and diy powerwall group. I hope I didn't put you to sleep 😀

    Faster paced, fun videos to come 🙂

  2. Criminal how cheap they are in the USA. A d yet, he still moans. He admits he'd pay the 850 for 2kwh. If you want to know what being ripped off is then come to Australia. They'll give you a reason to moan. $1000 per kwh. Power wall is around $10k for 3.5kwh last i looked plus fitting etc.

  3. Hi Will, I am a subscriber to your channel and I enjoy watching your educational videos. I find them very beneficial. I'd like to make a request: Are you willing to build a 10kW system for me and have it housed in either a box or a luggage, and ship it to me? I unfortunately do not have the necessary skills and tools to build such a system. I will pay for the hardware, your time and especially your expertise. I am also about to purchase the Bluetti AC200P, which is the 2000Wh system, and I feel that a housed system like in your video would go extremely well with the AC200P. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

  4. You have to assume that when someone tells you they're doing something when being called out, they're not. Just the "culture" these days. Good on you for maintaining standards, sir!

  5. Hey man quick question about your system I keep saying that you're doing 24 volt, why do you prefer 24 volt over 48? I know you must get the assets a lot but the system I'm looking to install is going to use a 48 volt system but I see that your system somehow does 240 at 50 amp and I wanted to see why you do that and if all the setup that you have is on your website or something

  6. If SoCalEdison charged me $100 for my electricity whenever I use $66 worth of power, I would not be happy or accept it because "they got it to me and I was happy to have it." You should always get what you pay for.

  7. Dude, last summer I went into their corporate offices in Lancaster, CA – because I live here and have even applied for work there – but they said that they couldn't sell me their product directly. I wanted to buy one of the battery units that were in the warehouse that was right on the other side of the wall that was behind the woman who said they can't sell one to me directly. I have to use one of their reps or distributers or agents or whatever.
    Now I ain't now genius, but what is wrong with that picture?, A company that should be looking for ways to reduce illogical and wasteful carbon dioxide producing activity uses a system that doubles the amount of CO it takes to get their product to the END USER. That doesn't compute. Highly illogical.

  8. Love your channel. Question you found some new batteries from China, isn't it better to just buy those? $850÷$125(new battery price)=7 new batteries. 7 x 100ah=700ah x 12v = 8400W x 80%= 6720 watts all new. Is my math wrong?

  9. do you have any info on Ampere time 200AH batteries? Could you email me directly and I will pay you for your time. I have some questions on my van system. Thank you Joe bodosepgmail

  10. What do you do with all your batteries that you have tested?
    If you have any extra batteries you need to get rid of ill take one or 4 for my 5th
    wheel . I live in Las Vegas and can pick them up anytime

  11. So thirty percent down and eight years old, will they continue to degrade or stabalise on solar.
    Specific energy drops and resistance leading to heating ?
    What does it weigh and how much is a new 5kwh byd.
    So all these buses and taxis are going to degrade this quickly !?!

  12. I have 2 of those 24v Powerwall, I have different voltage readings. Is there in the market an active equalizer for 2 – 24v powerwall?? Or can I connect 2 BMS and communicate with each other? Both Powerwall are connected in Series for a 48v mppsolar inverter. Please help.

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