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  1. So you say it’s best to trade as soon as the markt opens because there’ll be more volatility. Does this matter what session it is? Or does it need to be a specific one? Thank you

  2. Hey has anybody told you, you look like Johnny sins. I guess Johnny sins trades as well. He’s a doctor astronaut and trader damn!!!!!

  3. Man I love your videos. Thank you for your spend time. Maybe it Would be good idea to try strategy like this together on discord or some live .

  4. Dear, I just want to all your scalping method are also for short-term trades? I have watched a lot of videos of other YT channels, they are all about long-term trades, but we cannot make trades with limited investment, please tell me by following your methods I can make a good profit with a minimum $1k investment I mean short term trades? Please response. Thanks.

  5. Can you make more videos on this indicator please? Tell us if you lost money or is it consistent wins? How do you manage to wait for the right entry? Do you sit next to your computer all day? How do you manage to wait for the perfect entry?

  6. Whats up Arty? Happy Birthday to your family member

    Could I use this strategy on the 1hr TF? Is there any adjustment that needs to be made to Stochastic? Any adjustment to LMI indicator to trade on 1Hr TF?
    Appreciate your commitment

  7. It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, it’s how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.

    – George Soros

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