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The convenience of the internet has never been more evident than what it has done for the life insurance industry. Today you can find life insurance quotes without sharing any personal information and from the comfort of your home apply for a policy that best fits your needs. While there are many independent life insurance brokers, CompassQuote is a trusted and secure source for instant quotes from top insurance companies.

Unlike traditional life insurance companies, CompassQuote has modeled its business exclusively for internet users. Our open quote system forces insurers to compete against each other for your business, empowering you to make informed choices about the right insurance policy.

CompassQuote offers instant quotes from top carriers without asking for your name, phone number, or email. You see all your quotes side by side without providing any personal information. We only offer quotes from top insurance companies that are rated A- and above and each quote is fully guaranteed for the full term of the policy. All rates are shown in an easy to read format for quick comparison.

Upon choosing a quote, all of the personal information given during the application process is protected with up to 256-bit encryption, the most powerful SSL encryption commercially available today. is tested daily and certified by McAfee, GoDaddy, and VeriSign security.

Our insurance brokers are available anytime through our toll free phone number to answer questions and as an added benefit we provide weekly application updates by e-mail so you will always know the status of your application. We make every effort to expedite the underwriting process. You can view your case status and information anytime on our website.

CompassQuote, an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau, is licensed in all 50 states to provide instant term and universal life insurance quotes. Go to and we’ll help lead you to the best policy.

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