Transformers Studio Series 71 Deluxe Class AUTOBOT DINO Video Review

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On today’s episode, Optibotimus takes a look at the Transformers Studio Series 71 Deluxe Class AUTOBOT DINO!!!


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Transformers Studio Series 71 Deluxe Class AUTOBOT DINO Video Review

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33 comentários em “Transformers Studio Series 71 Deluxe Class AUTOBOT DINO Video Review

  1. I have been waiting ten years for a legit Dino figure and hasbro has given and I love it

  2. For Studio Series, Id love to see DOTM Skids and Mudflap, Sideways, and Decepticon Sentry from ROTF and DOTM

  3. I really want a transformers studio series bumblebee movie 1977 comero bumblebee, mostly because i love the car

  4. in addition to the Ferrari's conditions to Hasbro and/or Paramount,
    Dino should NOT posses any guns.
    that's why he only had arm-blades in the movie.

  5. Gotta admit how cute this SS mirage look. But hopefully there would be an upgrade kit containing his hooks

  6. man i ve just bought it today and i past over an hour for transforming him xD and also good review 🙂

  7. Thank you for an awesome review man! I cannot wait to get this figure!!!

  8. He looks awesome. How on earth did you manage to get your hands on this guy? I thought he wasn't supposed to be arriving until July?

  9. Oh ya. That que in car mode scales great. Looka a smidge big but your right. 2 door compared to 4 door. Low and sleek compared to spacious headroom

  10. I actually think the fakerrari that the toy turns into looks cooler than the actual one

  11. I would love to see the twins and que and a jolt figures for autobot and for decepticons I would love to see like one of those decepticons clones and infernocous and a bee movie soundwave and shockwave

  12. I feel that a sideways toy should be a remodel of barricade, since, he is a remodel of barricade in the movie, just a different car

  13. of all the studio series figures so far,i gotta say megatron,starscream,blitzwing and the constructicons are my favorites. personally,i love the transformations..i hope there is a future reissue of que/wheeljack,since i missed the original release. i could totally see hasbro remolding this into sideways.

  14. It's like the old days, every week after school I'd check the computer if Optibotimus reviewed any new DotM toys.

  15. Dino/Mirage is one of my favorite characters in Bayverse! I’m glad they finally made a SS version of him.

  16. His backdrop looks like it could work really well with a Deadpool figure reenacting the highway scene from the movie.

  17. Yet another Awesome review i was looking forward to this review and just because you say positive things about it make me want Dino even more

  18. Damn I want Dino and Sideswipe now, I was on the offense for Sideswipe but seeing him with Dino, somebody pls do a 2-pack with these two

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