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Tradingview buy signals – free crypto trading bot binance – free crypto trading bot 2021

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Fine tuning TradingView Buy signals – free crypto trading bot binance – free crypto trading bot 2021

00:00 Welcome
00:36 What is The Trading Parrot
01:38 Fine tuning trading view indicators
02:55 Adding EMA and RSI indicators to the chart
04:19 Adding the first signal condition
10:30 Filtering out some noise
15:33 Adding the second signal condition
18:26 Adding the third signal condition
19:51 Reviewing the results
21:11 How to send a single alert for each signal
23:08 Closing down

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14 Comentários

  1. I changed the buy code by that,
    not sure if it that but now its working 🙂 !

    Buy = condition or condition2 or condition3

    alertcondition(Buy, title='Buy', message='Buy')

  2. everything works except the buy signal at 3commas 🙁 i cannot make my 3commas both activated the buy signal 🙁

  3. Hi there, great video. May I ask if, as a Patron, we have access to these coded signals? If so, at which level of Patron. I am mostly now interested in good quality signals to optimise the
    bots which I have running. Kindly let me know if you have a moment. I note that I am in the window for subscriptions, so your commentary would be appreciated. C

  4. Some great tips here! Would make a great live coding session going through some of this stuff with a strategy so we could see the difference tweaking makes! 😉

  5. The best 'First steps in PineScript" (aka 1-2-3 and you've got your first TV indicator) video. You're truly a gem, thank you so much!

  6. Hey, great video thanks.
    I had a position open on my pair on bybit already before i started a bot. It was only using 5% of my availability
    I've just setup a bot but when the alert triggered, I got an error message on 3commas saying
    "Error placing base order: Position on the exchange for this pair is already open or otherwise not available for starting new deal"
    This was also for only 5% as well.

    Can the bot not buy into the position if there is one already open? Is there a way around that?

  7. I'm trying to added the pine script code, after clicking the EMA's it shows something different than you have.

  8. I also just discovered your channel. I absolutely love it brother. Thank you for your time

  9. hi, can you share the pine script, because i make a copy but dont work thanks.

  10. Good day trading parrot, one quick question: How can I code a condition to only work on a specific time frame?

    I want to join the discordd group but I'm having trouble with the sms verification due to discordd it self so I hope I will join soon anyways. Thank you very much for your content!!

  11. Great content once again. Can't wait to paper test this. I did have some issues coding the color for the signal in for some reason but figured it out. As a condition how would you set it to where it has to be at leas two green candles in a row?

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