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Trading for Val Halo 2021 in Royale High ~ A Fast Trade (real time)

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27 Comentários

  1. I’m trading my Val halo 2021, but I overpaid a lot so I’m really picky – o –

  2. Looking to see if anyone would trade valentines 2021 for 700k
    I’ll trade you on Wednesday !

  3. Doing halo for halo! I have Val 2021 I won't accept
    – Winter 2018

    If you have a super high tiwr halo ill add lots of diamonds and adds if it's slightly higher I'll still add gems and adds

  4. i have that halo do somebody want to offer? i mostly want to do halo for halo

  5. Btw your subs are going like crazy XD
    Your rlly lucky for that UwU
    Bc when most Royal high YouTubers have about 300 subs in a month they will probably have 3k subscribers lol

  6. Can I offer For any halo it’s my dream or if you guys have person I’ll show you I’ll tell you my offer I will give you the deer dolly ribbon heels if you are there heels for it pacifier bunny slippers and The big big skirt with the ruffles and lots of diamonds the surfboard etc.

  7. Lucky, im over here trading 350 k and DD set for a low tier halo but no sucess ;-:

    User: Jade_plays150

  8. Lucky!! I wish someone did that trade when I had it but still, real fair!!

  9. Trading Mag Large train Bow skirt TwT
    What I want/looking for
    Large Teddy
    Any Halo
    Bat Mo Heels

    I could add if needed
    U can also offer ^^

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