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Trading bots: tips. 3Commas official video.

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Why bots
Don’t miss great deals
Configure bots on 3Commas and run it anytime you want. We’re a cloud-based service, so you don’t need to install any software or keep your computer online.

Powerful yet simple interface
Change anything with a few clicks, no need to use complex editors. We adapt our website for all screens to let you alter bots in a few taps even on a tiny phone screen.

Trade strategies, not emotions
Plan how and when you trade but let bots do it. They feel nothing, so you never see greed make a bot miss the target.

Set once to run long
Analyze and configure one bot to re-use is as long as you want. Edit or copy when the market changes.

Precise control over deals
Help your bot when it trades poorly. Edit active deals, add funds, close at the market, and more.

00:05 Learn and Copy Bot Analytics
05:09 Explore Bots from the My Bots Page
06:06 Filter Bots Configurations

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29 Comentários

  1. Hi I’m new to crypto and three commas so how do I get started with the bots? Where do I set up my bots ? Can I set up a buy low sell high bot ? Do I need to use a certain exchange ? Let me know peace

  2. Hello!

    How can we configure the bot if he made a buy and the price go down …to buy again and wait for the price to go up and sell to accumulate more coins for the second buy !

    Thank you!!

  3. Question: You're running a bot. The bot has X active deals. You decide for whatever reason to turn the bot off. What occurs with the active deals at that time (i.e do they all have sell orders situated and so they'll exit at some point however it won't open new deals/ do you have to transfer each deal into a smart trade/ other ?) Thanks!

  4. Does this menu show up when you get the pro plan? Because it's not there at the moment…

  5. Just wondering why you do not use Stop Loss? You said its better not using it

  6. where is it showing how much the bot is making a day? I am wondering if its covering the cost of 3commas per month and the cost of all the trades its making daily

  7. How many trades a day does the simple bot make a day? waht is the cost per bot trade?

  8. 3commas is a total SCAM!!
    They tell you NOT to set a stop loss!! 5:42 Because they don't want you to SEE how much they're losing!!
    Any professional trader on earth will tell you that you MUST SET A STOP LOSS!!!
    I ran some of their bots WITHOUT A STOP LOSS (as this muppet advised 5:42) and LOST approimately $200
    They used over 20 BNB because of the 'tons and tons and tons of little trades' 4:08 & 5:03
    They basically emptied my account of BNB and made MASSIVE losses because I didn't set a stop loss!!
    UTTER SCAM!!! AVOID!!! Don't be fooled by this PRICK like I was!!
    This is a PAID ADVERTISMENT, this PRICK is absolutely FULL OF SHIT!!!

  9. This is probably THE #1 all time best video I've ever watched on YouTube in regards to explaining something.

  10. why bots doesnt work it dont have active deals does it needs to buy the subscription 1st?

  11. How about the fees? You can still make profit after fee deductions and any losses?

  12. what if i copy a bot and if the creator of the bot change the setting , my bot will change too?

  13. Just one detail. The bots do not count the manual triggered stop loss or bags. So the profit indicator is only all wins added up, without deducting any losses.

  14. IT sucks because you guys take 50% of the profit which is stupid compared to other bots that have better results

  15. You are by far the best person on youtube to explain this bot and trading in general, dude, I'm going to watch all of your videos and follow you wherever you go as well as whatever products you plan to launch in the future…..great work!!!

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