Top Essential Telegram bots

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Ez Sticker Bot:
Favorite Stickers Bot
Gmail Bot:
Stock Alerting:
True Mafia:
VK Music Bot:

There’s a lot of awesome bots in our favorite messenger that should not be left out! So this video is about them. Useful bots for stickers, E-mail, listening to music and much more. I tested them out and I’m ready to tell you all about them!

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Useful Telegram Bots. Improve the messenger

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  1. loved this,
    i personally use notiziaeBot which i think it is just in italian, it tells you the most important news of the day all around the world, i found it wery oseful 'cause it tells me the covid news and most important when i can get out of this f*****g house hahaha

  2. Any information if Telegram plans on livestreaming with chat and donations? Something to compete with YT, Twitch, Dlive. The recent sale of a billion in bonds did not disclose anything, only for continued operations and advancements.

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