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Top crypto bot beginner mistakes – free crypto trading bot 2021 – 3Commas DCA bots – dca strategy

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Top crypto bot beginner mistakes – free crypto trading bot 2021

After seeing so many people start their path trading with bots I’ve seen a lot. People doing extremely well and many people making mistakes and even loosing a lot of money. What one thing stands out, the amount of recurrent and common mistakes among beginners. They all make the same 10 mistakes!

Watch this video fully to make sure you don’t repeat any of these silly mistakes so you can take your automated trading to the next level much quicker than the rest!

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00:00 Welcome
00:54 What is the trading parrot
02:00 Too bullish on an overextended market
03:44 Target profit too high
04:37 Not taking advantage of DCA
07:40 Not filtering low volume coins
09:05 Not babysitting attention-needy bots
11:05 Mixing big SOs with SL
12:55 Trading BTC pairs on a heavy BTC bull run
14:11 Shorting a coin without a min price target
15:33 Leaving unattended leverage-coin bots
16:12 Panic selling on normal market fluctuations
17:40 Not running complementary bots
18:35 Closing down

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I’m not a financial advisor and this video is not financial advice. This video is only for recreational purposes. Do not copy or follow my trading strategy without doing your OWN due diligence and consulting with your financial advisor. Trading stocks and with robots represents very high risk. 3commas dca bot bitcoin dca strategy