Top 8 Solar Generator Comparison Chart Updated for 2021

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I made this updated 2021 video about the 8 best solar generators. It is a comparison chart that reviews and ranks all of the best solar generators out there right now.

Some are not yet available and I go over that in the video but you will see every detailed specs listed here and compared to the other top solar generators out there.

Ranked from 1-8:
1. Point Zero Titan:
2. MAXOAK Bluetti AC200P:
3. (Tied) Zero Breeze ElecHive 2200:
3. (Tied) Lion Energy Safari ME:
4. Inergy Flex:
5. MAXOAK Bluetti EB240:
6. EcoFlow Delta 1300:
7. Goal Zero Yeti 6000x:

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  1. Can you tell me which brand if any can charge and run the AC side at the same time? Thank you.

  2. If the price for the ElecHive with 1 100w panel plus shipping = $2198. Although they are still in development would the current $300 discount rank it higher and is it still a good purchase?!?

  3. The ECOFLOW Delta is still the champ when it comes to charging on A/C. If you live in apartments or condos, solar panels might not be feasible. You can charge the Delta on a inverter off your vehicle battery and bring it back online in 2 hrs or less, not the 6 to 10 hrs the rest of power stations will require.

  4. Curious why you did not eval the Patriot Bat/Gen(4Patriots)?
    And how would you rate it compared to the others, particularly Point Zero? Thanks

  5. Hello Thanks ALOT for this chart!!! Its really making life easier here : – ) I might be mistaking in my thinking but:
    Isn't it important to involve the lifespan of the batteries into the final price per unit wattage calculation?
    => i.e. the titan has only 57,14% lifespan compared to the bluetti AC200P. Meaning eventually that the Bluetti has a lowewr price per unit wattage than the titan.

  6. Fantastic and detailed work.
    Just wish I could read the tiny text. Any thoughts how someone can print out to read.

  7. If the Flex was 2000w inverter, it would be perfect. That low draw kills is. That being said, it should work great for vanlife.

  8. Currently just fyi the EcoFlow Delta is sold for $1099 on Amazon. Unsure if that helps in update of this chart.

  9. Why didn't you include the Leoch? I'm interested in that one. Do you not like that one? I don't want to spend Titan funds or even half that. Which do you recommend for home backup for fridge and a few lights etc?

  10. Hi. I’m thinking of getting the Lion Safari ME partly because I’m anxious to get the unit sooner than later. Do you recommend the Lion safari ME Gold kit? Do you think this is a reasonable option for emergency purposes. ?

  11. The safari me would be an amazing second place if it had a higher intake with solar and was able to charge a second expandable battery without being connected to the base unit since u can't expand the capacity at least let us charge and then swap out

  12. Excellent video. great breakdown of the information in an easy to read/use format. thanks.

  13. I was going to buy the Ecoflow to run my home fridge and oxygen till I understand how to set up another system, which I know very little.
    Thank you !!!

  14. If weight is the weakness for the Titan, then I imagine that weakness will be enhanced with the LiFePO4 Titan 2.0. Although Titan with LiFePO4 would still be the GOAT in my book!!

  15. Best stay in place generator – Point Zero Titan
    Best portable generator – Inergy Flex
    Going with the Flex (out in May)

  16. I'm new to the solar battery/generator scene, so forgive my "dumb question" any thoughts on the "4Patriot" brand & their 'Patriot Power Generator 1800?' Seems like a safe starter battery for newbies.

  17. Thanks for the great breakdown. I’ve been looking for this type of analysis. However, are you sure the inergy flex cannot be charged by multiple sources at once? I believe they advertise that it can.

  18. Info on Inergytek website states that the Flex can combine multiple charge sources simultaneously – solar, wall, car. The combined max charge rate with the MPPT supercharger is claimed to be 1 hour.

  19. i am very new to this topic.
    (& writing this comment at the beginning of this video!)
    is 4 Patriot 1500 worth considering?
    is should i assume it's not on this list for good reason (s).
    thanks for any/all replies.

  20. What about the Leoch? I'm torn between Elechive and Leo here. Both are indie funded, right? Leoch specs appear to be better than all but the Titan, which is my DREAM!

  21. This really helped. I did have a question though. We are currently building our home & wanted to incorporate the Titan 1000. I wanted to have an interlocking switch be installed in the electric panel which is outside in AZ but have a transfer plug installed inside the garage where I intended to setup the titan. My question is what socket type should I have the electrician install?

  22. The only thing that I don't understand is doing any rating on the Zero Breeze Elechive since you are rating it on its potential to be a good unit. You are on shaky ground with me on that one. It may turn out to be a very good unit, but that is like giving someone a prize in a race before the race starts because he/she looks fast. I don't understand why you would do that.

  23. Great analysis–I'm curious if there is any track record of how well each company supports it's customers; product satisfaction, defective parts, etc.?

  24. Do you need more than 2000wh at night at the cabin so that the Titan with 2 batteries is needed? (Was AC200 tested at cabin at night & didn't have enough capacity?)

  25. What combination do you recommend for a household that looses power for approximately 24 hours?

  26. Well if Bluetti asks for input please give them all you said and this Awesome Info, Now on the new Maxoak Bluetti, Is it a updated version that fixes some of the stuff for the Ac200p? As far as what I am talking about, its the following, the power usage while on using up to 71 watts? The firmware ability actually being implemented to fix some of the screen issues and misspells, The option of battery expandability. I loved your videos on production models and was about to buy one, but listening to you and others those things kept me from buying. Thanks a ton, Mike from Chandler AZ

  27. What are Lifetime Charge Cycles? Is a cycle when charging from 0% up to 100%? Or is it anytime you charge, let's say from 80% up to 100%? Or is it when you charge 5 times from 80% up to 100% = 1 charge cycle?

  28. Is it possible to make this spreadsheet printable? Went to your website but couldn't find it there. Very useful info. Many thanks.

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