Top 5 Forex Strategies from a professional trader + Robots

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Top 5 Forex Strategies from a professional trader + Robots is a free lecture from Forex trading strategies from a professional trader + Top 5 professional EA. Click here to enroll in the course:

Hello dear traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I’m a professional Forex trader.

In this course, I’m about to share with you my Top 5 Forex strategies. Nowadays there is so much information about Forex, about technical and fundamental analysis, patterns, candlesticks and so much theory that people get frustrated and don’t know from where to start.

So, with this course, I’m only about to show you my Top 5 Forex strategies. The way I have been doing it, I have created hundreds of strategies during the years, and I select only the best ones to trade on a real account.

After that, I test these Top 5 Forex strategies on a real account with the minimum traded quantity allowed of 0.01 lot size, and after testing them on a real account, I place them on bigger accounts.

And for this course, I’ve selected the Top 5 Forex Strategies. In this chart, you can see the result from the first month in 2017, where on my real test account I’ve made more than a thousand pips.

My bonus for the students is that I will give you the Top 5 Forex strategies and if you don’t have experience with robots I will show you how to place them on Meta Trader, so you can practice on a demo account.

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