TOP 5: Best Solar Power Banks 2021!

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Bushcraft Zone presents Top 5 Best Solar Power Banks 2021!

✅ Links to the Best Solar Power Banks we featured in the video:

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5. GoerTek –
4. Hiluckey –
1. Blavor QI –

In this video we have listed the 5 best solar power banks in the year 2021. We’ve included options for all types of buyers and have listed a budget, most durable, most high tech, most premium and best overall for our top 5 best solar power banks review. So, no matter what type of solar power bank you are looking for, we’ll have a product for you.

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47 comentários em “TOP 5: Best Solar Power Banks 2021!

  1. Lol and none is capable to recharge to full capacity in short time only by solar power. Useless gadgets all of them.

  2. Reality check, most power banks lose about 40% of its power because it needs to covert power up to usb then down in phone to charge phone, so a 20000 mah in reality you get around 12000 mah, so dont be fooled by the amount written or some youtube videos

  3. As always. The ad/reviews with the automated machine talking like siri are untrustworthy.

  4. When he said “mAh” instead of Milliamps Hour I knew he didn’t know what he was talking about.

  5. About 5 days to charge using solar . All of the solar ones are cheap Chinese power banks with a cheap solar panel that takes days to charge is at all . They often have smaller batteries inside . They are not water resistant . Do not put these in direct sunlight. Can not charge multiple devices on it .

  6. I bought 2 from communist china yrs ago. The sun never charged them but the green light showed it tried. Used them as power panks and charge them from cables. Defeated the purpose of solar powered. Ugh. After a while one started to swell up. Got rid of it. Then I found the other one doing the same. Unbranded is a hit or miss. Shittty..

  7. I bought two of these and they were brand new and they don't work now you can throw them out in the sun and let the battery that's inside of it charge the light panel on the side of it and it'll charge it the light that's on the other side the opposite side from the solar panel cuz it's got a solar panel and a light on it but they do not charge cell phones they will not charge a battery pack they won't charge anything I've tried everything and they do not work they are just a waste of your money I paid $17 a piece for each one of mine that I had I bought two of them and that's quite a bit of money for something that doesn't work

  8. Hi, thanks for this presentation. I can't seem to find any review of the Suscell Solar Charger – I got one, seems fine. It's the 20000mAh

  9. Thank you for the video good reviews been looking for solar charger
    Any reviews on a little bit bigger solar panel

  10. Your review is excellent but needs one improvement. The panels can only charge in direct sun so rainy days and walking in the woods won’t charge the battery. The energy of the sun varies with latitude so way up north those charge times will be extended significantly. With the bank hanging on a backpack, walking into the sun, no charge. Walking directly away, it will charge.

  11. One point, if you are only recharging a phone, you won’t use the entire battery capacity and only need to recharge the amount you removed and not the full charge. So don’t worry about those long times if you can recharge as soon as you charge your phone.

  12. so if i put my powerbank 2 charge on the electricity for 4 to 5 hours and its charge is the solar part charge aswell or i can put it in yhe sun for a couple of hours for the solar parts to recharge? .

  13. Good information. Unfortunaly it's not too proficciency. Days and Days to recharge. So bad!

  14. I'm happy with mine..I tend to not let the light on mine hit the 25%(first light).and charge early in the morning..a few hours before the sun sets and shade under a tree to charge in the day to keep it from getting hot and follow the sun patterns.

  15. 35 to 40 hours to charge a battery is that like the normal right now you would think that's solar power would have come a long way by now it just seems like such a long time to me does anyone know if any of these will charge while powering at the same time. It's probably one thing he should have covered

  16. That second one takes 3 the seven days to charge that's the best they can do in 2021 pretty sure the world would be burned down by the time you got the battery charged

  17. What they don’t tell you is the solar panel specs. For this size the solar panel is about 1W rating. Therefore at best you get 200mA at 5V. Typically one should assume 1/2 of this times the number of hours you leave the solar panel in the sun. For 7 hours this is equivalent to approx .7A charge at 5V for 1 hour. Compare this to what your cellphone would charge. Most modern cellphones charge at 2A or more to put things in perspective.
    I’m not saying don’t get one just be aware of the limitations of the solar.
    And yes I own a solar power bank and as an engineer I know what to expect.

  18. Hi ! Does they can charge a laptop ; like if I buy a usb C / macbook pro
    magsafe2 wire ? More directly, does the USB C provides energy or is just
    to charge the power bank if there's no sunlight ? Thanks !

  19. Who names these companies lol. They seem randomly generated. That's my only issue with power banks and solar banks and other tech on buy sites. Just don't trust weird or goofy sounding company names or logos.

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