Top 3 Forex YouTube Channels 2021 *Highly Recommend!*

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These are my favorite forex youtubers and mentors in 2021. This video is to guide beginners to legit forex traders and mentors so that you have the best FREE education and chance of success. There are other good channels as well but these are just my top 3.

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  1. great stuuf maan. Apreciette the info. I watched the trading channel guru . He seems a good guy as well.

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  3. I am watching ur video for d first time and I just subscribed to your channel bcos u since real n honest to point out people other than u dt u feel r real.

  4. whats your experience of trading monty? was he part of the forex family mentors in the past?? is his trading style similar to wicksdontlie?

  5. Wish u d best bro.. Your last video introduced me to wicks don't lie..That guy is legit(d Real Guru)

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