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40 comentários em “TMA Live Q&A

  1. Thanks! Always informative for the newbies. I just completed your 16 videos for forex beginners. So much great content!

  2. I can definitely confirm that this guy's advice is 100% effective. I've made more than $500 with a $1000 account in 2 weeks. Never mind the fact that I just blew the same account in 1 day on US30 to less than a $200 balance. I know what I did wrong and I'm gonna rewatch every video until my brain is fully tuned up. I MUST somehow repay your kindness Arty. That's a promise

  3. Hi, I started watching your videos this week and am learning a lot. Should I use Pip Hunter to trade Crypto on Binance or should I stick to the Arty Indicator?

  4. Man, I just watched the video where you show your awesome e-bike and i heard you say something about cycling around switzerland? Well then, hello neighbour! Gruezi from Zurich!

  5. Hi, congratulations for the channel and for the clarity with which you present the concepts.
    But what do you think about doing a live stream of a realtime trading session of a couple of hours? It's too easy to apply the theory to historical data and YT is full of "traders" who teach but none who have the courage to show live the result of what it wants to teach..
    Do you accept the challenge?


  6. Can you do a video describing the characteristics/personality of each trading pair, or at least the ones we should be trading? Thanks

  7. Watching from South Africa i love the challenge but if I'm not chosen for the challenge,please just fund my account with 100usd only i guess it would be enough to get stated.

  8. I started this challenge with a 20k demo account cos the broker didn't have 25k setting, hope that's not gonna be a problem

  9. would be awesome if you did a vid on the heikin ashi – you mentioned it, Im reading a few books on this method right now.. interesting

  10. Do you have a link for this video of Christy's on her method of scalping on the US30 & ETH ? cheers

  11. Awesome Q & A …. With your perfect entry you said you waited for the price to move above the 200ma & the other 2 to follow – then a 3strike candle etc, what about the RSI can it be rejected off the 50% mark or do you wait for it to bounce off the extreme say the 15 or 85 mark first ?

  12. Arty u are amazing BRO!! , im doing so good from ur videos.and let me tell, i find a robot maybe a perfect robot. if u answer me i would like send u all things for u analisy it. and actually doing FTMO pass for me and My famaly xD. i just dotn know how to trade 3 acc at same time. But i will find it.


  13. Please, tell us some details of your failed funded account, why this happened, your thoughts and maybe conclusions. It's nice to have motivation and learn strategies, but it's equally important to see how mistakes are made and what can we get out of it for the future. Cheers

  14. Hi Arty. I have a few questions and I was hoping that you would be able to help me out. I was wondering if you could make a video on how you use Metatrader 4 on your phone, entering a trade, and how you do the stop loss and the take profit. The other question I have is when using Metatrader 4, how do you work out the leverage that you use for that trade? I wanna be able to run a demo account and try and get this funded account but I am still pretty new to trading and cant seem to figure this stuff out. Thanks in Advance

  15. Please which strategy in particular should we use for the $25k challlenge.thank you

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