Titan Solar Generator – 3000w Inverter + 2000w Max Solar Array + Expandable Lithium Battery

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42 comentários em “Titan Solar Generator – 3000w Inverter + 2000w Max Solar Array + Expandable Lithium Battery

  1. You can find something like this on the Avasva page. Full step-by-step instructions right on your desk.

  2. Forget prepper or doomsday I live in an area where they shut off the power due to high winds and fire danger. So I could use it and not cycle it often would be for a while every year but once that time passes regular electric grid and power supply is in range but for those couple months you don't know what will happen or how long. Been having this idea if buying quite a bit or refractory cement and putting it all over the outside of my house walls with a thin coat and buying kaowool ceramic insulation and making a roof blanket so if there ever was a fire my house has some type of protection against it other than removing brush from your yard. I also believe that could be a business going around California and semi fireproofing a house mixed with brush removal and a small fire barrier I believe that would help in this day and age of every end of summer wildfire normal California seems to be in with no signs of letting up or changing


  4. Hey Will (or anyone)… HELP!!! I bought the Titan 500 kit. Only have room for four 100 watt panels on my van roof. Put up 3 rigid 100 watt panels (supplied by Point Zero Energy) and one flexible 110 W panel (SunPower–specs are almost identical to the rigid panels supplied). I got it set up and it went for a couple days, working great, then while under minimal load (running roof fan and charging a phone) I heard popping and saw smoke. I sent the unit back to Point Zero. They said it was the inverter, and replaced it. I got it back yesterday, plugged it in, and again, everything was fine. I plugged my shore power cord into the front of the unit and gave it a test with the fan on, some things charging and then rand the microwave. It worked great. I was satisfied until about half an hour later, same pops, same smoke, and in dealing with Point Zero they tell me they have thousands that are working great, but there are about 4 of us who keep blowing inverters, and they cannot figure out why. Can you/anyone give me any trouble shooting advice? Point any possible issue? Point Zero says the only thing they know for sure is that the 4 of us with issues are using it off-grid in an RV, but plenty of other users are also living off-grid in an RV with no problems. Any help/advice/ideas are greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Will, et al. Does anyone know if there is an issue with using different solar panels with the Titan? I have been using my titan on my van for about 6 weeks. The sun is now starting to get more overhead, so charging is happening much more quickly. I have three 100 watt panels supplied by Point Zero. I have one 110 watt flex panel from SunPower. A couple days ago, I heard a pop, and the generator was smoking and turned off. When I turned it back on, it was charged to 100%. Am wondering if the 110 watt SunPower panel could possibly be overcharging the unit? Thoughts? Suggestions?

  6. I've ordered the Titan to power my 200sqft home, off grid. The house is currently wired DC going into a small solar set up with the AC (fridge, receptacles) going into a converter. I also have a gas generator for backup. I'm trying to get everything set up so it's plug n play when the generator comes in. The company just recommends a transfer switch but some people are telling me I don't need a transfer switch. Can you recommend a good way to hook this generator to power my home? I was thinking of getting an AC/DC distribution panel and running a 30 amp plug. Then just plug the Titan into it and set it on AC/DC….

  7. It’s mow March 2021and are they shipping the production model? Are you going to test it to see if it meets your expectations?

  8. Will can you use this to charge your tesla while charging with 2000W solar? should be able to set the car to charge at a low rate and leave it charging all day. Thats what i am hoping to do when i get my Tesla Cyber pickup.

  9. I live off-grid. Can I charge my Tesla model 3? If so how many miles per hour? Thanks

  10. Am buying my model 3 in April 2021 Hope to use this to charge it as I live off grid and am 135 miles from the nearest super charger

  11. You are like an Encyclopedia Britannica
    of solar. I research everything I need to know….then I listen to you to confirm. Thank you.

  12. I would like to see you build a budget solar generator with one 240 volt 30amp output to provide small house/cabin power. The 30 amp output could be the only output. The purpose would be to use for intermittent water well power and for other light house loads. Connection to the house could be direct wired to the service entrance panel with interlock.

  13. "battery with plugs" Not a Solar Generator. Solar Panels collect and transform light energy into electricity. the Sun generates the power.
    Water Heater; NOT Hot Water Heater.

  14. What are you recommend to setup 8 panel 360W
    Open circuit volt 46.8V,
    voltage at P-max 38.5V,
    short circuit curent 9.82A
    Current at P-max 9.85A
    , maximum system voltage 1500V,
    Fuse rating 20A.
    with Titan Solar Generator – 3000w Inverter + 2000w Max Solar Array + Expandable Lithium Battery

  15. looked up titan solar, this is a huge company doing major solar installs, didn't see this lil unit, guess i got to look harder….

  16. Man I thought I was the cool guy on the block with the Inergy Kodiac. But this…this is way cooler.

  17. The Titan will do everything I need to do, but the price is way up there. I would need to build a shelter for it to protect it from sun and rain, I would bring it inside during the winter. I am thinking about spring or summer for the purchase. Will look at more reviews on this unit.

  18. Do you have any updates on your review of this product now that you’ve had it for a year?

  19. Bear with me cause I’m a semi simpleton when it comes to electricity. Can I for example hook up a phase/power converter/transformer (one of those gizmos from American Rotary) to get even more power?

  20. I tried searching for a review of the Patriot solar generator on your channel, but I am not able to find one. I get emails all the time now because I searched for it even asked for some information but it seems very expensive for what they offer. I will keep searching your channel and hopes of finding a good solar battery generator back up system thank you Will for all of your content.

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