Titan Solar Generator 1 Year Review

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I have used two Titan solar generators for over a year. One I use constantly in my RV, shop, and around my house. The other has been running non-stop at our off-grid cabin powering everything there.

The Titan is the perfect solar generator for emergency backup power for the home, RVs, vans, cabins, shops, boats, and many more places.

Enjoy this video on how well this unit has worked for my family and me over the last year.

Titan Solar Generator:
Lion Safari UT 1300 LiFePo4 Battery (discount included):
120v to 240v converter:
Cord Cover Kit:
Harvest Right Freeze Dryer:

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26 comentários em “Titan Solar Generator 1 Year Review

  1. well damn; I thought I had done my research and decided to pull the trigger on an Inergy Flex but now I have more the think about. It seems like the titan more configurable. I especially like that you can over panel so easily with the system. The Inergy requires some massaging to your panel array to do that [parallel vs series]. I also like that there doesn't seem to be any proprietary connectors.
    The price is a little higher but so are the stats. as I started so I'll finish, well damn
    EDIT: subbed and belled

  2. I thought that you were reviewing generators from other companies. This video makes it sound like it’s your company and a biased therefore is a biased preference.

  3. You got your description on how 240V and breaker work, wrong. The power alternates breaker to breaker up and down the stack. Not side to side.

  4. Hey Ben, I'd love to know more about that Fridge. You mentioned that you would make a separate video on that, but I haven't found it. Do you have an a. link I can use to purchase that fridge?

  5. Since the panels on the roof block the Sun, can you tell if the temp lowered a bit because of that shading? Seems like it would help. Thanks for the videos.

  6. guessing you must be a lawyer,–and how you pay for all that cool stuff. or you print the stuff haha,haha,haha,haha,haha,haha, somebody stop me. haha,haha,haha,ha#haha 🙂

  7. This is the best unit out there. And as much as I like this product, I cant wait 6 months backorder and 100% payment up front. If it was 10% down I would do it. Again a very nice unit!

  8. well, i believe im ready to take the plunge w the Point Zero.
    anyone have any advice on where to buy &/or potentially best price/time of year to buy?

  9. Just curious if you will be reviewing the new Titan briefcase solar panels that are 200 watts each? I just ordered the Titan 1000 briefcase kit (1000 watts solar panels / 2000 watt battery) which comes with 5-200 watt briefcase solar panels. I was just curious since you have reviewed everything else Titan related….Thx, love your video's, I'm a subscriber…..Jim from Ohio

  10. Hi. I live in Florida. I'm not sure if I need a generator because my mom lives near a fire station and I believe she might share her electric grid with them. So if we did lose power from a hurricane we might be out for only a couple of days. I believe I would want one that does use batteries so it can be in the home. I would need it to run the refrigerator.

  11. Excuse my ignorance but you still need batteries with the Titan? I thought it was the battery? I am converting a shuttle bus into a RV and will need a solar set up. I will be traveling with my two dogs so AC is a must.

  12. I’m curious if there’s alot if dangerous emf emissions, and, if so, under the bed would b the absolute worst possible location for health! Do u hav any info on this since I’m emf sensitive Thanks! Raevan

  13. I can attest to what Ben said about contacting him and contacting the company. When I needed help with my unit, Ben and the company were very responsive.

  14. I LOVE MY TITAN with 4 batteries, tied to 2 sets of 654 watt panel sets (total of 1,308 watt capability), running a 12,000 BTU window A/C unit that cools and dehumidifies the entire first floor of my house. I keep the the A/C unit on ECO mode and temp set to 74 F. I also run a dorm size fridge on the Titan as well and it keeps up with this in Maryland so far…. This is saving me roughly $200 per month in cooling costs while using my whole house heat pump system!!! LOVING IT!!!!

  15. can i ask question can i charge the battery with 240v outlet? and use only the battery to power on the titan? does the battery require pure sine wave charge? if it does i need power inverter right ? thanks !! one thing i forgot to say i know the titan is 110-120V i will only power my pc so its should be fine but i worry if i damage the battery with 240v outlet

  16. Please tell me about refrigerator that uses least amount of wattage. You mentioned it in one of your videos but can't find where you tell us brand, model, where to get it.

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