THIS is Better than a Generator

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So we have found something that is better than a generator. Here’s our Tesla Powerwall Review. We deal with a lot of power outages, so we need to find a generator or a generator alternative. The Tesla Powerwall 2 looked like the best option for us and our farm and homestead. Here’s our review.

About Gold Shaw Farm: Gold Shaw Farm is more of a farm-in-progress than an honest-to-goodness farm. Our dream is that someday we are able to transform our 150+ acre parcel of land into a regenerative and productive homestead and farm.

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  1. If your power went out for more than the 9 or 10 days that the battery bank can handle. Have you thought of a way to regenerate them? Just in case. Solar panels have a hard time when covered in snow.

  2. These days you can install a hybrid inverter via which you can connect a generator to your Tesla batteries so that during prolonged power losses you can charge your batteries while your house is drawing power from them. You can run for very long periods without the grid if you have access to fuel. Later you can add a solar system or you can reverse the order of upgrading.

  3. Great information. Only one thing though, with battery back up power, your limited to a few days before you drain them down. Also, you have to really scale back on what you use. Solar and battery back up systems just aren't as reliable as a portable generator for backup power. With a generator, you have up to three different types of fuel you can use (Liquid Propane, Natural Gas and Gasoline) to power them. With solar and batteries, you have the grid and sun. A generator can run in any kind of weather and with an unlimited fuel supply of NG or LP, can go days without having to do anything to them. Also, a portable generator sized to what you need to use for emergency back up power, would have been much cheaper then the Powerwalls. As to maintenance, generators do require some maintenance, which isn't a lot, but so does other things in your home or vehicle. (You can perform the maintenance your self on a portable generator.)

    We have a Predator 9000/7250 watt generator, that can run our whole house. We only have 10 of the 15 circuits connected to the Manual Transfer switch I installed. Our generator is connected to our NG line, so no need to refuel or store fuel. We are running 75% of our home with ease, including our 3 ton HVAC. The only down side, as you mentioned, is we have to set up the generator when the power goes out. (takes me about 20 min) Our system cost us around $1900.00 to which I did all the installation. If our generator every needs replacing, we just have to buy another one. No need to replace anything else.

  4. I think, in many fantastic movies we see cities as if they were built a couple months before the events: all shiny new metal-plastic-glass. While the reality seems to be that we often integrate new things into the old ones (frequently trying to hide that plastic wifi hub so that it would not ruin the interior). Sometimes keeping the heritage is really hard, but humanity thrives generally because of our heritage: all the knowledge, tools, buildings, even some landscapes around us were once created by our predecessors, people like us. Imho, this has beauty to it.
    Good work, Morgan & Allison!

  5. Wonder if you could set up the Tesla batteries so that you could draw from them during peak/higher charge hours and recharge during down/cheaper rate times.

  6. Thanks for sharing your videos on the Tesla power wall. Looks like a good alternative. Not sure why you aren’t a fan of Elon. I think we need more people like him that think outside the box and change the way we do things for the better. Just my opinion. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. Solar sales are overrated and their power recovery savings barely covers their cost and they have a life of under 6 years. A good independent source electricity is your wind generation. I'm not talking about these huge bird killers. I'm talking about these small end devices. That are simple to install and low end maintenance costs. These Systems cost under $1,000 will pay for themselves almost immediately and if properly maintained can last decades. And the major part of the maintenance is simply making sure that a couple sets of bearings are maintained with lubrication. There are generators out there that were literally built by Edison and Tesla personally and still in use. I bet they're are in your local area DC generators that are still operable that were sold to Farmers By radio salesman who sold them to supply power to the radios in the 1930s and 40s.

  8. One battery can do about 15A rms @ 240vac, not enough to drive a 2ton AC unit (~500-1000sqft) sufficiently.
    Can it do UPS for instant backup for computer and network?

  9. Glad to hear it will last up to 9 days with conservative use. Living in a small town in southern VT power outage is frequent 5 so far this summer. I've been debating between a propane vs Tesla system. The maintenance of the propane seems an extra cost… I've decided to go with the Tesla. Your review is one of the best I've seen and it answered all my questions..

  10. Wow only $3k for both?!? Lucky duck! To get one here in Canada I'd have to pay ~ $7 – $8K and that doesn't include the installation of them.

  11. First off you are one of the luckiest bastards out there $3000. I have 2 & the gateway , those cost me 15,000. I still need 2 more power walls to get me through the night with our full electric house. Don't know how you make it through the night even just with those 2, ,,, your usage must be low on electric side.

  12. 1 DANG I seem to have missed this window for rebates.

    2 how did I miss this video?

    3 I just realized I wasn't a subscriber! I've watched SO many videos and never subbed?! Well you just got a new sub from a long time watcher.

  13. you have 30KWh worth of available power between the 2 of them, assuming you're only running a fridge then I guess your claim of 9 days worth of power would be true

  14. 8:10 what would you think that? Who told you that?? It's not a laptop battery, Tesla has some of the best batteries in the world, expect that to work almost the same in 30 years.

  15. Okay.. question for you. When the power from the grid trips offline, when the battery wall kicks in, is there a disruption or is the changeover imperceptible? I have heard the change is not noticeable but I'm interested in hearing from more individuals. Thanks

  16. i thought i could wacth a normal guy like me quit a job, buy some land and do it. well i just got shown, you guys got money to fall back on. thanks for teachin me, you gotta have money even to mqke it

  17. Anyone out there using PW2 completly off grid I have 14KW propane air cooled Kouhler generator and we have no sun last month or so here in Idaho. When I use the gen to charge PW2 the main breaker inside the gate way Trips every 5 minutes takes about 2 hrs to charge so I have to babysit this thing resetting the breaker 24 times in a 2 hour charge. Any help or suggestion would be great. Tesla knows and hasn't been able to correct yet. We are in the backcountry of Idaho

  18. Thanks from the West Coast. With all the wildfires and associated power shutoffs we are looking at a solar setup and Tesla powerwall. The goal would be on normal days the Powerwall is charged by the solar and during peak rates in the evening would power the house. And during power failures it work as a power source and to be recharged from the solar during the day.

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