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Carl Runefelt (The Moon Carl)


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  3. Thank you so much Carl, it's been beautiful following this channel. please which volume indicator do you recommend?

  4. how does this bit coin stuff really works, I think I'm interested and willing to start right now

  5. wow I'm glad I did withdrew my first profit two days ago now I have another ongoing trade with him

  6. Bitcoin Maximus it's not too late to jump out of Bitcoin before it die, and it will

  7. The Moon, you need to be a responsible Crypto Channel like "the Bitcoin Family". He runs a ticker tape in his videos explaining how there are scammers in his comment section pretending to be him. Please Consider, thank you.

  8. The best idea about money is; make it, invest most of it and manage whatever that remains expecting huge returns in nearest future.

  9. Hi Carl! I'm new here and I find your videos very informative. I have a question: What do you consider to be a conformation of a breakout? Does a candle on a certain timeframe have to close over the line?

  10. I invested in both stock and Crypto but I'm doing much better on Crypto with the favourable market price crypto is the future

  11. hello I'm new to Bitcoin trade and I've been making few loses, but recently I saw a lot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  12. Seeing 32,800 would rebuild a huge amount of trust with the CME.

  13. It's bull shit give prediction to buy and sell at the same time then tell people you were correct 😀

  14. Still doing BTC TA? while the rest of the crypto universe are making profits with ADA DOT
    Get into ALTS man. This is like MySpace. AND Stop scamming people with links.

  15. Damn it I made 250k profits. Should I sell ?,????????? What would Carl do?????

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