The World's Largest Subliminal MP3 Superstore

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37 comentários em “The World's Largest Subliminal MP3 Superstore

  1. I absolutely love Subliminal Guru!! There are so many to choose from in so many different sounds (Brown noise, stream, workout etc.). Somethiby for every mood – LITERALLY!
    I ama fan!!

  2. Short and sweet beats long, repetitive and boring each and every day.

    This was a perfect length in my opinion. Got the word across and did not bore.
    Well done!!!!

  3. I believe it can be better. Talk about how in change you to do to do what you thought you couldn't could not doi.

  4. yes, it's easy to follow and quick to be catchy and it leaves ….in wanting to know more! great work Karl

  5. This is a well thought out and concise presentation, it gets the message across without any waffle Great job

  6. Now that is a respectable way to promote the list of your products instead of pushing it across during the sample introductions you offer for people to experience how your product may or may not assist them in their lives.
    I think showing this one after any introduction sample you have made an offer to the public would be the best follow up method. As it is not intrusive nor pushy hype high pressure selling which many people find annoying and will refuse to support just on principle.

    Well Done and best wishes to you and all who are able to make great use of these products to improve their daily lives.


  7. it is a great video and tells anything that we need to hear about your site. 🙂

  8. I like it, it explains just enough to whet your appetite to go and investigate your website

  9. I love it.. , while listening it's relaxing, it's feels great whenever I listen to it.. thank you so much Karl moore.

  10. Case and point. Nice smooth animations and goes straight to the point. You've earned a big fat thumbs up for me.

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