The World 1st(portable) Free Energy Generator. Car Alternator spinning clean Power. No Emission.

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Here we take two automotive alternator, mount it together side by side on set of 5/8 threaded shaft. With one alternator converted in to brushless three phase 12-40 DCV motor and the other alike alternator in its OEM standard battery charging capability. The brushless DC motor spinning the alternator, let see what happen?. This video is part of a experiment to electrify the circuit with 14.5 [email protected] 100Ah and motor consumption below 30Ah at 12-24 DCV or approximately 40DC volts for more motor speed. this device can be consider to be a self-power DC or AC Eletric generator, that require no fuel or physical action from man or nature. The self power Eletric generator consumes 10% energy of the its total output. the self-power electric generator also known as the “ULTIMOTOR” is constructed of three phase permanent magnet rotor inside a AC three phase coil field. the 3-phase brushless DC to AC motor only require about 10-15amp at 12-14.5v. the car alternator produce 14.5v at 100amp/3000rpm. the brushless motor uses the same battery energy that the alternator is recharging. the al is capable of recharging many banks of batteries(float type or others) while providing electricity to refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machines, micro wave and many other house utility. the self-power electric generator can work in conditions of no sunlight or wind and off-grid with no fuel or fire and smoke. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CLEAN ENERGY DEVICE. non pollution. safe in the home. low voltage. No electrical Shock. it all automotive energy inverted to meet your 120-240 AC voltage needs.

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31 comentários em “The World 1st(portable) Free Energy Generator. Car Alternator spinning clean Power. No Emission.

  1. why not simply pig tail the ac output for high frequency ac current, this you use to drive your ac-dc uni motor primary drive unit and use the DC output out the back door to drive battery voltage up.

  2. Bigger pulley on motor to get the output you need should still have near zero resistance. I would also add some type of tuner to regulate the output power. I made on using a Ford F-150 alternator and the motor was for the radiator fan. I was able to sustain 13.1 volts been running about 3 months strait.

  3. If this has ever worked, the inventor could have replaced Jeff Bezos as the world's richest person !!

  4. Also another one to try would be making a 3 phase generator, with a 3 phase motor and a wound rotor motor as a generator and flywheel.

  5. Or hey just add the flywheel and make a continuous running electric vehicle with 2 BATTERIES!!!!!, and a line tap to switch batteries!!!!

  6. What you need is a windpower or generator at 48v then the car belts are either shorter with belt tensioners, or longer ones have curbs wrapped around plus a belt tensioner,,, there always at a angle one side higher, not straight you may need to 10 speed wheels a stretch able thick n thin rubber for belt to be brought closer,, n 48 volt supply or otherwise use the largest heavy duty tractor truck alternator

  7. The alternator requires an exciter input if 12 volts to produce the charge current. The watts required will outway the watts produced this you are correct. However replacing the generator with a pmm will also produce the same result in the end.

  8. Put riastat at field wire dial down below 12 volt, start at 3volts and dial it in

  9. This is probably the only video on this subject that doesn’t have a trillion naysayers in the comments. Good job my friend.

  10. What parts or type of alternators needed to do this with. How long would this run? plus would it be quiet so neighbors would not hear. and would it be able to power a 220 stove or heating furnes<~Typo> What would someone need for this to power a house?

  11. Do you have a tachometer? I'd like to know the difference in revolutions with load on and load off.

  12. you can use a pot to change the voltage going to the field windings on the rotor. Also consider the frequncy the alternator is outputting if you tap into the ac side just before the dc rectifier. I was getting around 400hz. then I used a micro wave oven transformer and increased the volts over 4000.

  13. How much voltage are you applying on the alternator field windings? That alternator is designed to change the volts and current applied to the rotor depending on the rpms of the alternator. Hence that is why there is a voltage regulator on the alternator. Start with only 1 volt .5 amps and go up from there. I have done similar tests with 1 alternator and 120 volt motor. just to see what I could produce. I used 1 single aa battery on rotor field and 9 volt battery plus a full 12 volt lead acid battery with some amazing results.

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