The Science Of Mind, Magic And Manifestation

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Dr Shima Beigi, BSc,MSc,MSc,Ph.D ideaXme rich connectedness ambassador interviews Dr Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Dr Shima Beigi comments:

Imagine the possibility of a new attitude to scientific exploration that allows us to explore the most fundamental behaviour of our fabric of reality.

For the past centuries, science has relied on materialistic explanations of the world. This reality is often called Newtonian world view, where everything can be described through “laws of nature”.

Nevertheless, we are at a point in human development where this reality has already started to fall apart. We are gradually waking up to a need for an alternative way of explaining the world around us.

Many scientists, scholars, thought leaders, artists have embarked on this journey to the unknown and have independently arrived at a set of unified realisations:

A holistic world view is humanity’s way forward.

That, our minds influence our reality in measurable ways.

That, the brain can be a quantum machine.

That, our ancestral knowledge hold key to the future progression of sciences.

That, a sustainable world requires our intentional participation in creating a new world.

In this episode of ideaXme’s Rich Connectedness™ podcast series, I, Dr. Shima Beigi, Founder of Mindfulness Engineering™ connect with Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of several bestselling and award-winning books including Entangled Minds, Conscious Universe.

Together, we explore the evolution of scientific understanding of the nature of mind, and its correlations with the world and examine whether we need a more comprehensive way to unlock the nature of consciousness.

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