The Revenge: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot

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Last year, Timo Boll challenged the KUKA KR AGILUS in his area of expertise: table tennis. Now, it is up to Timo to prove his qualities in a completely different kind of duel.

The revenge is on. Man and machine are ready. The KUKA KR AGILUS and Timo Boll face each other for a new match. But this time, there are no rackets and no balls – there’s only glass.

Watch this fantastic commercial featuring two worthy opponents that both provide utmost precision, speed and flexibility.

Which side are you on? Are you “Team AGILUS”, supporting one of the fastest robots on earth? The KUKA KR AGILUS is unrivaled in his payload class and offers a lot of other talents, too, e.g. in picking and placing, assembling, loading and unloading machines. Or are you “Team Timo”, backing Timo Boll, the terrific German table tennis star and brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics?

Who will break first? Check out now.

For everyone who missed the first duel – just check out


Music composed and produced by Century Rolls Music.

Glassharp Composer & Player: Glass Duo Anna & Arkadiusz Szafraniec

Music-mix & Sound-mix & Mastering: MSM Studios Munich – Christoph Stickel

Mastering by Christoph Stickel – MSM Studios Munich

Director: Matthias Zentner

Programming: MIchael Hasslacher

Production: Velvet Mediendesign GmbH // Munich

Producer: Oliver Loessl


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  2. Как бы это не красиво звучало, но это не на пользу обществу, только для работодателей, заменить все манипуляторами и бездушными роботами, которые заменят нас. Единственный выход только обложить налогом всех роботов и манипуляторов, и его распределять среди населения. Тогда и только тогда будет справедливо! Тогда человек сможет просто отдыхать и наслаждаться жизнью, зная что не нужно работать от зарплаты до зарплаты, что нужно не только дожить до пенсии, но и отдохнуть. И может тогда мы сможем посвятить всю жизнь чему-то новому, даже космическим перелетам.

  3. Imagine if this was humanity's last chance. The moment he broke the glass, 7 billion men, women, and children were removed from the surface of the Earth.

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