The Reality Behind Portable Solar Chargers! (20,000 mAh Yoesoid Review)

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Portable solar charges seem great in concept but actually aren’t too effective. Here’s why.

Reviewed Solar Charger:


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27 comentários em “The Reality Behind Portable Solar Chargers! (20,000 mAh Yoesoid Review)

  1. Honestly it does take forever to charge using solar but it is nice to squeeze some charge into it especially if you are a soldier and are in the field a lot and just want to have your phone on a rest day from excersizes

  2. the solar feature will be useful when spending 16 hours a day out in open gathering foods & supplies in post apocalyptic world that you folks have been preparing & wishing it'll come true one day.

  3. Great review of solar power banks and how to evaluate them! Just bought a couple of 30K mAh chargers that have double LED flashlights like yours that stayed lit for 48 hrs – I'm impressed. Once I depleted the charge on both of them, I re-charged them via their USB port in about 6 hr. Each solar bank has 6 charging ports plus wireless charging. But, after watching your vid, I now understand that 1) I can't fly with it, and 2) it'll take MORE than 10 days to fully charge it via solar. Lucky for me I'm in the too sunny SoCal desert and solar charging might take less than 10 days.

  4. Thanks for the video. Is there a better brand or device that DOES solar charge quicker and more efficiently? There must be better devices on the market?

  5. I traded my Markers Mark White Elephant gift for the Yoesoid solar charger; big mistake. Like the dude said it takes very long if you use the sun to recharge it and doesn’t fully charge if you charge it directly from the outlet.
    YOESOID IS garbage save you’re money or your bottle lol.

  6. anyone fly with this? wonder if amazon is too cautious of the flight regulations or airlines ban solar products. If can not fly with it, I won't buy.

  7. I can see the solar panel part being used, like you said and the product said, outdoors away from outlets and chargers minus the ones you bring with you. I can all see it being used if you want to charge your phone while the battery is being charged by the sun.

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