The New Cummins Generator Saved Us During the Snow Storm!!!

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Check out their generators here!!!

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I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
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29 comentários em “The New Cummins Generator Saved Us During the Snow Storm!!!

  1. Just one tidbit of information on your skid steer selection: be mindful that below a certain engine size the EPA does not require a dpf system that with def. I think we all know how much more high maintenance a machine may be with vs. without an emissions system

  2. That scissor lift is better for truck bodies because it had direct power from the engine. Shouldn’t get a trailer with that powered off a battery

  3. Don’t see the brand out there as popular as Champion or Generac or Kohler, is it a new company? Higher cost?

  4. Love your videos. I was curious what your battery set up was for the solar? Sealed,lithium whatever?

  5. Matt, you are hilarious… if it was CO the snow would be totally covering your generator and maybe even the roof! Love the videos

  6. Those are called a sacrificial anodes, they are normally installed below the water line and the wire is bonded to the tank, it keeps the tank from rusting out, great video

  7. Cool to know you how to do trades work. Hvac for me. You should make a video on what you did before YouTube

  8. Hey Matt you have check out Andrew Camarata”s Channel he has all land moving type toys!!

  9. I love the lack of code there suggests that you can bury a propane tank. Maybe ask a company that's going to deliver your propane if they would be willing to fuel a tank that you have randomly put Underground. That one phone call could save you a lot of headaches.

  10. It looks like it's 30 something degrees out. You can run your air conditioner on a day like that?

  11. Caterpillar makes excellent skid loaders, I put a ton of hours on a 2000 248 high flow

  12. We have two Cummins generators at work, mind you they are V16 Diesels and keep parts of a hospital reliably lit.

  13. Every freaking house built today should come with one of these. It is so stupid not to have backup power …Hu TEXAS?

  14. It's been awhile since I went through school, but If I'm not mistaken I believe the anode bag does something similar to an O2 sensor? It attracts certain properties and stop them from hanging around the tank

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