The new Android Auto is here

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Android Auto’s new design and features, including universal split-screen support, smart Google Assistant suggestions, and enhanced messaging and media give drivers a more seamless connected experience on the road.

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26 comentários em “The new Android Auto is here

  1. Il sera sans fil cette fois-ci ? Parce que depuis le temps qu'on l'attends dans la dernière Zoé

  2. Wondering how this will look on screens information screens that are not as wide. Maybe they'll offer different viewing settings depending on this.

  3. Is the spotify bug that causes it not to start unless you open the app BEFORE you open AA fixed? Can we use any other language than english in voice search of Gmaps as we used to before Gassistant forced it self even if we have it disabled?

  4. When will this be released to Germany? Last major update took ages until it arrived there.

  5. When does it come out? I have the latest version of Android Auto apk, but it is not yet with the new coolwalk design…

  6. Ну дак и чо? Когда накатит обнова то, уже квартал ждем штоли дыы

  7. 9 years later… And we finally get a competent version of CarPlay for Android… 9 YEARS!

  8. Next time Google if you are running 6 months late try giving us a heads up. We your loyal fans were left wondering where it was at.

  9. What, you want that navigation app to be fullscreen? You don't need those Spotify, share and other tiles?! What a strange idea, of course we will never support such a weird configuration.

  10. I have downloaded and installed 8.6.625033 version but still no visible changes. Should i wait for the official push?

  11. What's New? We still can't have play store or install any apps or run it! we can't even run YouTube on this shit

  12. Hopefully it addresses the wireless connectivity issue. My phone is so spotty about staying connected wirelessly.