THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: how to manifest anything you want!

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  1. What if there's a time limit to what is it you want? For example being invited to something next weekend? Would that still work?

  2. i have a little confusion, i.e should we be scripting for 12 minutes or writing affirmations acc. to the methods given . P.S: I am a beginner and am wanting to manifest my ex back. although its not been very long since the breakup but its hard to pass my days without him. so if I get some help 🙂

  3. manifesting
    – I'm rich
    – I have my dream body
    – my relationship will last and be good
    – I am very happy
    – I am healthy
    – I am doing good in life
    – I'm gonna get privacy from my parents
    – I love myself
    – I trust people
    – I will be a better person

  4. Nothing is superfluous about what you said. I have watched so many videos on this and yours covers it all! Well done

  5. Manefesting -make money -get braces for straight teeth style upgrade /“-physical glow up

  6. Can someone help me with affirmations, like if I want to get into a particular university, so my affirmation should be like "I am happy and grateful for getting admitted into *my desired university *" or " I am happy and grateful that I got admitted into my *desrired university*"

  7. I am wealthy and happy
    I am always making money and always being grateful for everything
    I love my life and its really nice

  8. Thank you, Hon! I have to be more positive in my thought processes. Will have to practice that some. Does it have to be handwritten or can you type it? Sounds dumb, but wonder?

  9. wait what when i auditioned for a role in a production last year i kept telling myself i wasn't gonna get it and then i got it? this has also happened with so many other things and when i assure myself that i'm gonna get what i hoped for i get the opposite? im so confused

  10. These are my manifestation goals that i will seriously manifest:

    – getting accepted in a dorm from a student house with housemates i can vibe with

    -getting a girlfriend

    – finding my tribe

    – playing guitar like a star

    – a fifth harmony reunion

    – going to a Lauren Jauregui concert with nice people

  11. i manifested straight A’s for a whole year…guess who has straight A’s for a whole yearrrrr

  12. I used the 333 method yesterday and wrote down "I'm so happy and grateful now that I have a Samsung A51" 33 times and the next day my mom got me it don't know if it's a coincidence but it's crazy-

  13. I don't know if this comment of mine is related to manifestations because I observed that all I mean all the manifestation videos with lady practitioners explaining the methods are beautiful. Does manifestation rituals really make ladies beautiful?

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