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The inconvenient truth about Forex Robots. What every Forex robot trader needs to know. Free courses

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Many Forex traders focus on the most optimistic elements of Robot trading (Like how much money they are going) to make. This video focuses on some of the inconvenient aspects of Forex robot trading.
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  1. So true sir Alex// bcuz of the convenient lie I've been scam in buying a robot showing the incredible results and paying 399usd for a non working EA from a private seller online. Since then no response from the seller. I've been depressed because of the money from my hard earned months savings…. I've learned my lessons,

  2. Hon. Alex thanks for offering us the best of hands every year, kindly am requesting / asking you if possible if you haven't, for a Robot video when you showing us exactly how you do it every day or what settings you change and why on a daily basis or how to manage a robot on a daily basis for a consistence good results, because have been learning Forex for 6 months but what have seen its very wide so thats why have decided to 1st stick on robots then others shall follow. thank you sir and my God bless you as his heart desires.

  3. Its simple. Every robot will fail….at times. The robot is following it's rules. When the market is not working as the robot is designed. It will kill you. good bots get it right most of time. Let them use small % and the odds are they will make you $$$$. Free advice. When you get the new latest hotshot hyped up bot. Trade it at 0.01 for about 3 months and see if it actually does make $ on a live account. And then as trust is gained….slowly give it more access.

  4. Thanks for these sincere words! Hopefully it will shake up some. Not only is it possible to overcome one's own bastard (to improve one's own skills), there are also those brokers who change the signals from the stock market (data stream) in addition to the disadvantage of the customer. For example, when the candle is changed, the time is stopped and you can not see the candle until it has turned far, or the bid line is always a few points below the correct value and the ask line is way above the actual spread. And on top of that come late order executions – unexplained slippage each time to the disadvantage of the trader. Thank you Alex, about that you have already neatly reported.

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