The Draft – Spin2Win – Ep 1 (Sorare Sundays)

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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I hope you enjoy the new game series to try and spice up Sorare content. Released every Sunday with a Twitter space accompanying it around 745 where new & experienced users can chill out, chat and watch some football.
Sign up link –
(free card after purchasing 5 from ‘new card auctions’

Twitter –
(get involved in votes for new players and challenges)

Tweet to vote –


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14 comentários em “The Draft – Spin2Win – Ep 1 (Sorare Sundays)

  1. Great concept. Looking forward to following the series, should be good entertainment whatever happens.

  2. Bloody great video mate!! I understand the concept a bit more now and think its brilliant. Ill join the space later on. See you there

  3. This is such a great concept! Love the fact that you want to give back to the comunity! thank tou Alex, and good luck for the gw!