The correct Manifestation Technique used by monks. (it can take a few days)

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“You will manifest in a week using this technique”
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28 comentários em “The correct Manifestation Technique used by monks. (it can take a few days)

  1. I seen all this in my mind before I watch this video,we can actually jump,run,and think faster than we do but or minds are asleep

  2. 1:42 Awareness is everything in the manifestation process. But you have to know how to communicate your beliefs to the subconscous mind to really manifest fast: ʳᵒʸᵃˡᵐᵃⁿⁱᶠᵉˢᵗᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ.ᵗᵏ

  3. Thomaslogan once said “if you don’t fine a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die”.

  4. Power Of Manifestation is a personal step-by-step course designed to help you – or anyone – discover his or her inner desire and passions
    want to learn more? don't wait, have a look here!

  5. I'm glad you said the machine is like our minds and yet humans when to let computers control everything.

  6. You can’t chose what life throws at you, but you can chose how you respond.

  7. The statement "Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows" is NOT something this monk's guru came up with.
    This observation of Attention and Energy goes back thousands of years, for instance, the Tao Te Ching mentions it, but I assume it goes back even longer than "The Tao".

    I normally don't comment on videos like this, as I find them untruthful, misleading, and not according to The Natural Laws of The Universe, but I do feel that it's necessary to start flushing out these frauds.
    Now, I don't care whether the fraud is committed due to naivete or ice-cold manipulation, one has an obligation to make sure that one is acting according to The Universal Truth, when teaching Universal Laws.

    Take all of those "teaching" The Law of Attraction (LOA), which has become a multi-million dollar industry – and interestingly enough, only a very few individuals have actually managed to deliberately create abundance in their lives…


    The true formula for the LOA, which the majority of the so-called gurus and other spiritual leaders conveniently leaves out in their teachings, is the following:

    Thought – Emotion – Action

    If you can imagine the above as a Triangle, where the base is Thought, Emotion is to the right, and Action to the left – the two latter also represent the right- and left hemisphere. Right=Feminine / Left=Masculine
    Thoughts arise from the Consciousness (Neo-Cortex)
    Emotions are created when the Mid-brain (Feminine) releases chemicals to the blood-stream, and lets you feel your Emotions
    Actions come from the Reptilian-brain (Masculine)

    With your Thoughts you set a clear intention for what you want to create, which resonates with your Emotions, and only when your Actions are in alignment with your Thoughts and Emotions will you be able to manifest deliberately on the physical plane.

    Since most people are most in the left- or right-brain hemisphere, which means that the Neo-Cortex, which should be running the show, is de-activated, deliberate manifesting will be a challenge, if not impossible.

    Also, most people don't even know WHO they are, which again serves as a challenge to the whole manifesting procedure:
    We all have special gifts, that are unique to us, which means that a positive (aligned) choice for me, can be a very negative choice for you, as who we are at Soul-level are different from person to person.

    Love (relationships of all kinds and Self-Love and Acceptance), Health, and Finances are the three major areas of a human being's existence in today's world, and if we're having issues with one or more of the above mentioned, we do not have full access to Vital Life Force, and our lives are typically filled with drama, disease, and lack.

    On the other hand, when we are taking actions that are in alignment with our unique gifts, and Truth itself, we create abundance in all areas of our lives. That's Law. Natural Law.


    If your "guru" or "leader" doesn't incorporate the element of Action in their formulas to manifest according to the LOA, I would walk away.


    Spiritual Currency: What are you PAYING ATTENTION to, and what are you SPENDING your TIME on?


    Thank you for Spending your time Paying attention to my opinions, which are based on my own experiences and results ❤️

  8. The last thing I want is some mystic gurus or monks to tell me about manifestation technique. What do they have that I want? This is all a joke. That is why they are in the position that they're in. This con artist is the same way. He is trying to make a living by selling you his bogus and useless techniques.

  9. our masters bnaksters are destroying this power with their rna v4x1n.

    every single of our acts & visualisation mus t be oriented toward ending the tyranny if we want future generation to have a chance to become free & powerfull human beings.

  10. Every speech has something similar – Remove those bums that wasting your time , Clear your mind and Focus on what you want .

  11. If u said things about thoughts of the future of the world.. and it gradually happens.. im i doing it( manifestation)or is something Else is doing it? Matthew 9:29. … But the moment you develop faith in your self and in your abilities, you will begin to manifest your desires… but not to use it for sin..

  12. Believe in yourself. You were the fastest sperm. Never forget you came into this world a winner.

  13. I think you need more conspicuous ego reenforcing white, bigger & thicker stripes on your forehead to assert your mastery over all things…….you’ll have to also enlarge that Red-Dot as well.

  14. If this works monks should manifest some food into their starving villages in India and Nepal. Oh I forgot… this is total bs for people to feel good about themselves like they have special powers or something.

  15. He's got a point. Your body can heal itself. It can produce offspring, yet you insist on believing the lie that there is no God. That it's all an…accident?

  16. Dear lovely person that's reading this, we may not know each other but I wish you all the best in life! ✨
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

  17. It is subtle and hard to notice, but before every action, there are thoughts, emotions, intentions, and many other processes going on. it takes quite a bit of training to see that

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