The Best Forex Signals 2021 – Learn 2 Trade

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Best Forex Signals 2021 (Learn 2 Trade) – read more about this opportunity and get in touch with me here

This is by far the best Forex signal service as we approach 2021. In this video I show you exactly how the signals work, what you can expect from their trading results and discuss their overall transparency. All of the signals are sent via telegram, and come with full analysis so you know exactly why they are making the decisions that they are.

My best Forex signal page is going on over 12 months active, and this is the first time that I’ve had a trusted service in the #1 spot.

I hope that you like the video, and that it helps you in picking out a signal provider that meets your expectations.


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  1. Their website is really really slow.. takes too much of time to load….:(( Can you please provide a direct link to sign up for their VIP program? thank you.

  2. They are connected with a dishonest guy, Joel Kruger who runs a channel on Telegram and advertises it on FXStreet official Telegram channel.. He is dishonest in the way he does not refund as he promises if a client not satisfied. Be careful !

  3. i subscribed to learn 2 trade, paid 1 month's subscription and this is my 3rd day but i have not received any trading signal. can any tell me why? Thanks!

  4. You know it is a good service when you yourself offer signals as well and still talk very highly of L2T. Appreciate the transparency and honesty.

  5. If you're just doing Forex, I cannot recommend Learn2Trade's signals – they were far too infrequent to justify even $35/month – was only averaging barely one signal per day.

  6. They are the worse. All trades go into losses. Their trade runs for a whole day or even a week. I lost a lot of money. I regret subscribing. I wish I was warned. They put up lies on their free signal Chanel to trick you to join the vip channel. Check for their reviews on trust pilot. Bloody liars

  7. Cool video, do you trade on pips or %'s? As placing 1% risk for 3% or what ever R:R is better you can loose a 10 pip trade and a 100 pip trade and loose the exact amount of money rather than placing trades on pips you would of course loose more

  8. When you place the order for signals that they provide I am a scalper I stay in trades 5 minutes-10 minutes the most. Will this service be beneficial to me because it seems like the trades last long.

  9. How many pips do they turn over per month and what’s their risk to reward ratio. I’m currently in a chat that always have their sl at -100 pips and that method is so bad. And can u garentee my profits over 1k per month?

  10. I got sub from forexeagles signals, it hasnt the winrate they say but 6 of the 10 signals are a win and i lower the stoploss and i just go for 1 target instead of 3, this works out for me but still looking for other signals, so if anyone know any good please send me a message

  11. thanks for your video, it helps a lot. also I have some question
    1. they have different plans which is Forex, Crypto and swing. which one did you get ?
    2 I have join a few different signals group and I would love to show it to you as well, coz I am still looking for the best one. thank you so much

  12. Hello @forex robot nation, I’m a complete newbie and have never completed any trade before, and this is the first video I’m watching you make, I would like to ask you what courses, videos or ebook can you recommend for me to start learning with

  13. I already join it.. did anyone now is this learn2 trade have a mentorship thing? Cuz im new to this so may be need some help like how much entry i can make or where should i entry again(if the indicator is already sure enough "buy/sell") thank's

  14. im struggling to place thir signals on metatrader 4

    example EUR/CHF Trade Signal (SWING)

    Instrument: EUR/CHF

    Order: Buy (Instant Execution)

    Entry price: 1.07586

    Stop: 1.0678

    Target: 1.0918

    Recommended Risk: 1%

    RRR: 1:2

    here i put the price Entry price: 1.07586

    Target: 1.0918
    is the take profit?
    please someone can help me?

  15. I want your suggestion regarding mega fx signal provder because I can't but learn to trade package because there paypal is not available here in Pakistan so Mega fx is providing payment through Perfext money I wanna join that ? Is it good I want your suggestion

  16. Register your interest with our partner, FCA regulated FX/CFD broker, LongHorn FX and receive Learn 2 Trade VIP Forex Signals for FREE for one year!
    Should i register with their broker to get the vip or just pay and do it with my own broker

  17. They seem like more of their signals are longterm signals. I do not have the patience to hold trades for a week plus. What service do you recommend that can give us short trades that dont take long. Maximum is a day or two.

  18. also thye have a course about how they trade but it is very basic i think you say but it is accurate this is the way they get this great result ? or how do you mean would you have a more in deepth course or you think itis just simple ? Please explain

  19. Hi what drawdown have you had that is losing trade in a row ? and what risk per trade do they recomend ? they hold trades over weekends and ove red news ? how long time do you have to place the oerder from you get it and before it is tolate and price have run pips already ? When do they send signals is it 24h or is there some time you can sleep like in asian session ? 🙂 Thank You

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