The Best Emergency Solar Charger on Amazon

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Wild fires, snow falls, hurricanes, and more can cause the power to go out for weeks on end. A portable solar charger can mean the difference between being connected to the outside world and not.
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  1. 1:23 not true. 18650 batteries have a higher discharge rate, they can get hotter and less durable than the flat cells. 18650 cells is a cheap and inferior technology, and will not getting any improvements in the future while flat cells are advancing.

  2. Junk in the heat and sun over time try being homeless all these solar things are gimicks now the powerbanks are nice with a wall plug in

  3. Just a side note, an ND filter would be a better choice to help with the bright light. polarizing filter is better for looking through glass or water or any reflections

  4. How long do these flexible solar panels last? I heard they have a short life do to heat and the sun!

  5. Really good video, thank you for posting. my learning curve is being climbed 🙂

  6. what if the phone networks (verizon, tmobile, att, etc.) are all down? Wouldn't it make that charged cell phone pretty close to useless? Maybe satellite phones would be the answer. Thoughts?

  7. Great video. If you could get a multimeter to measure the power transfer to the charging device, that would give us much more insight as to how bad or good these products are. Thanks!

  8. great vid! correct on 18650 batt . also ANKER uses JAPAN cells not china ones. I have a few anker power banks and love them. one with 2 micro USB inputs use 2 panels to charge in 1 day run phone over a weak on it. found from camping alot use power bank to store power rather than charge directly from panel. mostly low sun. and have a few power banks and switch . never ran out . even clody and rain days.

  9. Could video I feel at times there could be a toss-up in between the Chargers that use 18 650s vs Flats like Anker and ravpower make amongst many others.. anyway what is the Drone in your case?

  10. Nice solar panel a solar charge controller might be useful to have with that 🙂 might not bring down the conversion rate to the power packs I'm gonna do that with mine.also you can get step up voltage transformers that work from 5 volt up to over 50 volts and higher you could run 12 volt lights from a 5 volt power packs

  11. Instead of Anker power bank can i use standard other one so once is fully charged to store the power I need for my other devices ?

  12. 7:54 I bought one of those mini panel and battery packs a couple of years back as they were dirt cheap on Amazon UK. The batteries expanded after a few weeks. There is no insulation between the mini 1v panel and the battery so it just gets too hot to cope. And this was in the UK were the temperature during winter rarely went over 10C. Your advice and experience echoes my own.
    In fact, if you can afford it and have the space for it, just get a 50-100w panel and regulator with a good battery bank. If you dont upgrade the phone every couple of years it can cost about £50 a year to charge that phone if you use it every day (and have loads of apps installed, uninstalling useless apps will make the battery last longer on the phone btw) so you're quids-in charger wise.

  13. Jus wait till they start producing anti solar panel devices and gadgets if they do. Anti solar is a thing..

  14. Thank you so much! I’ve been about to buy a small solar power bank but I cannot afford to mess up. The more I researched the more confused I became (not to mention it gave me a headache,lol). This was straight up logical and simplified for someone like me. I’m relieved that I saw this video before I wasted my money! Thank you so much! New subscriber!

  15. I like that solar panel. Looks thin and well built. The only thing I worry about is the plastic hinges. If I keep it in my backpack with other things and it gets flattened I'd be worried the plastic hinge could split if there was a crease and you opened it and closed it a few times after. Kind of like bending a creased piece of aluminum back and forth a few times and it easily comes a apart. Worst the wires that connect the panels would break. I'm still considering buying this solar panel but I might get a 1/4" soft foam sheet and keep it in the inside to ensure it never flattens entirely in my bag!

  16. Well here in Alaska, that solar charger will work great in the summer & horribly in the winter!

  17. I'm thinking about getting me a drone to check my property. What do you recommend? Thanks and as always, keep walking with our KING!

  18. Short of breaking one open, how can you tell what kind of batteries are inside one of those portable phone charger things?

  19. I have a few different solar panel rigs, just ordered a digital usb voltmeter to see the output in different situations.

  20. I didn't see the info on amazon, is it linkable so to add another panel to it.

  21. Might have to get one of those to keep my Baofeng charged during the Virginia Boogaloo

  22. FYI: large power packs that charge through USB take a long time to charge no mater what size the solar panels.
    If you look at power pack input limits, you will see those that charge using USB are limited to 2amps input and USB-C are limited to 3amps. Or less.
    Given the power pack’s charging limits, if your power pack is 13,000 mAmpHours (13 AmpHours), and it can charge at 2amps it would take around 6.5 hours to fully charge it.
    Total charging time needed is the issue that needs to be factored in along with solar time and strength – especially winter when totally daily energy from the sun is about 1/2.
    Given the slow USB charging and limited sun available, in some cases it might be better to have multiple smaller power banks that can charge in a few hours rather the a large power bank that can take multiple days to fully charge.
    Or just run an extension cord to your neighbors house at night 😉

  23. May have to look at that for the deer feeders. Love the channel. Thanks and merry Christmas!

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