TESLA Solar and Powerwall: 1 Year Later!

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TESLA Solar and Powerwall: 1 Year Later!
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This video is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Tesla or Solarcity. I am documenting this installation as a paying customer.

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19 comentários em “TESLA Solar and Powerwall: 1 Year Later!

  1. This is a great year for solar installation! The Feds are now giving a 26% credit and Tesla's prices are amazingly low. Next year in California changing rules may mandate a powerwall, which adds another $12,000 to the price of the system, and for many of us would be a deal breaker. My cost is so low that my payback should be in less than 5 years. Make sure to review your actual electricity kwh expenditures for several years back rather than accept TESLA's estimation from one of your recent bills. In my case they under-calculated what I needed by quite a bit :). As the vlogger commented you cannot change your design once it's finalized and installed, so best to err on the side of maybe 10-20% additional to the max you think you'll need. You must estimate your changing lifestyle as to your need for solar panels…if retiring you'll spend more time at home as you age; traveling 6 months a year compared to now? then obviously much less. Since power costs are going up, possibly 6% a year a surplus is a good idea. Many of you were home much more for the past 12 months so used more kwh. However, it is not a bad idea to estimate on the high side, as this vlogger recommends. Most will not need a powerwall, and remember to include in your estimation for TESLA if you plan on buying an electric vehicle because you will need many more solar panels to charge the car.

  2. how many days or hours could you sustain using only the power wall considering you start with a full charge?

  3. Not sure how everyone experience with Tesla Solar has been but mine has been horrendous. They cancelled my Install 1 days before the schedule and have been telling me they caught a last minute need to upgrade my Panel. They have given me at least 3-4 different reason for why it needs upgrade and thrown a range of 5-20k to do the work including mentioning digging a trench (Not sure why upgrading a Panel requires digging a trench). All this without any hard numbers, all done based on my initial picture, no physical team on site to explain why I should spend 5-20K. It has also been over a month since my scheduled date. Every time I call, I get the "Talk to the hand" treatment. Overall I am shocked at how bad the experience has been. Very disappointed because I am a huge Tesla Fan.

  4. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a horror story with Tesla. It felt like a bait and switch and makes us not want to ever deal with them again. Last year, we decided to get Tesla’s Solar Roof. We needed to replace our roof in the next few years, anyway, so financially it wasn’t much more than new roof + solar to get Tesla’s Solar Roof. After months of back and forth with Tesla on the details (they ask for pictures of the panel, details of electrical bill, roof layout, etc.), we signed an agreement to pay for Tesla’s Solar Roof and two powerwalls. We then went through the financing agreement and we submitted for permits. A few weeks later, Tesla sent us an automated update to agreement via email. It just had a new price and an “agree” button—that was it. The new price added ANOTHER $24K OVER THE AGREED PRICE. Rather than blindly accept the retroactive price change, I called and they said this was after a review of the roof complexity (mind you, they've already assessed that in detail and created a detailed plan for where the solar vs. normal tiles go). The guy on the phone actually acknowledged that this was in fact just adding another fee, though. So just a heads up to anyone considering Solar Roof, the price you agree to may get massively hiked up even after you sign what you think is the final agreement.

  5. So it has a 10 year warranty, but takes almost 12 years to break even… I'll pass for now.

  6. Bull shit! Tesla paid you! First, the excessive heat on your roof ruined your cheap ass shingles! Second, you have not included maintenance! As a engineer, I hate bull shit videos!

  7. better way of looking at the value – $22698 investment (as compared to say Paul's 401 or similar investment fund) return on investment (147 x 12 = $1763) or a return of 7.8% TAX FREE. From day one. When you buy $22k of ATT stock you don't ask when will the dividends pay off the purchase of the stock, you ask "what is my return on investment"? AND
    it is GUARANTEED RETURN AND the value of your house has gone up $20,000 AND you don't worry about power outage – Solar is the best investment going!

  8. If you live in a country where the power company will buy your production why bother investing in a battery? You can sell during the day and buy at night. Wouldn't it be more cost effective just buying more pannels?

  9. Does anyone realize how much gas in burned up just to dig up the materials needed for batteries? How much damage is done to the earth? Then you have to transport materials, and, of course use chemicals and machinery to process the materials. These materials are not "sustainable". Someone is not telling real "facts" to the majority of the population. If you look at the Tesla Power Wall, they are not delivering anywhere close to on-time. People are giving up cash and waiting FOREVER… why? … the supply of batteries…. demand is too high. The supply is already too low. Oh… and that helps keep prices high too… you know the supply and demand curve. Economics 101.

    Then people look at the price and everyone looks for the "government's contribution". The government contributes nothing. Government is politicians spending regular folks money using a credit card where regular folks pay the bill, not the politicians. The rate that the government "helps" with solar right now is about 26% of cost… if you are a regular person. If you are a mega corporation, or a politician, or a friend of a politician, the government helps far beyond 26%. No wonder the rich love "green", because they keep their green money while the rest of us fork out our money to pay for their systems. Use a drone.. fly over any city… who is really getting solar?

    BTW: These very expensive batteries only hold a limited charge and likely can only last a day or two when you really need it. Never mind that they give you phoney math where their calculations assume that the solar cells keep on working, barely degrade over time, and never fail. If it lasts four days now, it certainly won't in ten or more years. Look it up now.. all estimates assume a 30 year return. How long is the warranty? Exceptional warranties are 20 years, most are less. It should be illegal to provide returns/estimates beyond the warranty period or actual expected life with no real estimate on degradation and failure. Yet they do.

    Don't get me wrong. I like solar. Its just very expensive and regular folks are, generally, getting screwed. The rich who get completely different deals (funded by regular folks) are loving this. The rich do real math, they lobby the politicians, and they get GREAT deals. They actually install solar where their bills go down (factoring in real math). This is all about money folks, Its not about the environment. If you think your helping the earth, I'm sorry.. your helping politicians redistribute the wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich and that is just fact.

    In California, regular folks "think" they are getting a "deal". Their government jacked up electric rates where they pay their electric bill on a really corrupt scale. They pay something around 15 cents per kilowatt hour…. at night… when its least used. During the day its closer to 39 cents per kilowatt hour (where most of their bill comes from). Then it gets worse, the create phoney baloney factors like BTU factor… meaning they set an arbitrary temperature like 70 degrees and charge more if its above 70 degrees or more if its below. So they basically scam their citizens and send electric bills to the roof and make them think the bad-deal solar options are "great".

    I'm in Texas and pay a fixed all-day, every day, all year 9 cents per kilowatt hour rate. Oh, and if you mention those ridiculous rates that happened from the storm for some people… know the facts… (1) those people chose a "market" rate… they gambled and most people in Texas aren't that dumb, (2) it was the recently created government group (ERCOT) to oversee rates that caused it. Yep, they calculated math badly, overcharged badly, and expected it to be okay. (3) The members on that panel weren't even from Texas.. they were from California, Minnesota, Canada, etc.

    Texas is fixing that problem and all of those people already resigned. If California was smart they would fire all their corrupt politicians who spend every moment of every day figuring out how to spread some lie so they can continue their redistribution of wealth from their citizens to themselves.

  10. Thanks I’m looking to get something like this for my house. My bill is 80-150 due to summer. And was thinking about this because of having a charger put in after I get an electric vehicle

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