Tesla Powerwall VS. Backup Generator

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Many homeowners looking to backup their home power often compare the Tesla Powerwall VS. Backup Generators. While every homeowners situation is different, in general, installing solar and adding a Tesla Powerwall is a cleaner, quieter, more economical and environmentally friendly choice than a backup generator. Plus, the savings that homeowners will reap from installing solar and installing a Tesla Powerwall are substantial and will only increase over time.

In this video Stellar Solar Founding Partner Michael Powers explains the reasons why installing a Tesla Powerwall + Solar is a better choice than a backup generator when it comes to backing up home power.

If you’re a homeowner in San Diego or Orange County and are interested in Tesla Powerwall Installation, we can work up a free quote for you. Just visit us here and fill out the form:

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11 comentários em “Tesla Powerwall VS. Backup Generator

  1. If it’s just one hour rolling blackout you’re fine with the Tesla but if you have storms and you’re out for three days four days or even five like Texas or any of the other states your battery back up Won’t do Help you

  2. Great in an area that is always sunny, and the structures require much less power. But in areas like the south, where things like large AC units are a must-have, Tesla Powerwalls are pretty much a non-starter for homeowners looking for reliable, long-term power fail-over systems.

  3. Do you need a solar to use pwoerwall? in places that electricity is more costly at peak times, this would help lower that cost.

  4. How hard is it to incorporate a Tesla power wall into an existing grid tied solar system

  5. Tesla power wall maybe cleaner, but it will it will only last for 5 hours or less depending on load.
    better off buying a gas operating Generac system which will out last any Tesla system available.
    if the warranty for a Tesla system is Ten years the Generator will out last any battery system for decades.

  6. The generator is cheaper up front but quick calculations on running it on propane. 2 gallons per hour (averages) x 24 hours = 48 gallons, I used $2.50 per gallon which is a median price = $120 per day to run one. That has prevented me from going that route because not only the cost but supply constraints. It would blow through a 110 gallon tank in two days because they only fill it to 85%, yes most put in a 1,000 gallon tank but that would be several thousand dollars up front. Not to mention it burns fuel every week it does a test run. Then you have to maintain it, and it can still break down and wear out. While there’s still a 26% tax credit, I’m going for it and ordering 2 powewalls, just turned 60 and don’t want the hassle of dealing with the generator. One final plus for me is with a grid tied system, when the power goes out, I currently get zero benefit, with the power wall my 8.4 KW system will charge the battery, run the house, or? If you look at just the $dollars cost for solar and/or battery backup, it’s tough to make a case for it where electricity is cheap and mostly reliable, as I get older, my views have changed and I weigh many other benefits into my decisions. If you have cash stilling in a near 0% interest account, then solar provides a decent cash on cash return of at least 4% or more where electricity is above 11.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

  7. I have a friend that about 3 years ago had the Tesla wall battery house backup system installed OR almost installed.

    I would ask him every 3-4 months did the Tesla people ever get it in and running. He said not yet.

    I sent him an e-mail today, 3 years after my first asking him if it is up and running.
    Today, this afternoon, September 26, 2021 he e-mailed me back and said he cancelled the whole project.
    I don’t know if it’s the company that Tesla is using or Tesla itself. The point is his system got installed and working.

    I told him that Generac, the generator people have their system out and doing installs.
    They have been advertising their system all over the Houston area.

    I have a Generac 20KW natural gas whole house generator and it runs like a top. When the power goes out in 10 seconds the power comes right back on.

  8. Got to add the maintenance on the generator…Powerwall makes sense for one that has solar panels already…

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