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Stop losing money with bots: Whale Psychology – altcoin season 2021 – best crypto trading bot 2021

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Stop losing money with bots: Whale Psychology – altcoin season 2021 – best crypto trading bot 2021

00:00 Intro
01:29 What is the trading parrot
02:31 Whale psychology
06:00 How to mitigate the risks of whale market manipulation?
06:40 Bot top risk aspect number 1
07:17 Bot top risk aspect number 2
08:12 Bot top risk aspect number 3
08:35 Bot top risk aspect number 4
09:25 Bot top risk aspect number 5
09:54 Clarifications on how to interpret risk & reward with timing
10:19 Where to focus to manage better your bots
10:55 Indicators that can help us avoid market dumps
11:27 Indicator 1
13:00 Indicator 2
13:18 Indicator 3
13:49 Indicator 4
16:35 Great news: new “Crypto Coach Calls” – learn more about running bots and crypto

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  1. I'm a software engineer, I've started messing around with a 'bot orchestrator' for some of these things, should be an interesting little project!

  2. Hi there, I can't find anything on weather using qfl original 1H and rsi-7 4 hour under 70 together works and is even worth it to stop the bot trading when a crypto is over brought. or does this just confuse the bot and insight would be great

  3. Hi, what is the name of the tradingview indicator? I can’t find this. thanks a lot.

  4. Just wondering what you actually do when starting and stopping bots. Do you just switch the status from on to off or do you hit cancel on your active deal?

  5. Mr Parrot, why is it that on 3commas futures deals there are virtualy no start conditions available ? (Sorry I don't know your name!). and why are % base orders not available on spot?
    Your vidoes are great, there are not many YTers diving into bots like this!

  6. Just subscribed, Loved a bunch of your videos! Going to watch themm all tonight at wokr and learn all about these bots so I can make some cash! I see that you have a discord too, joining it now!

  7. "I've got this script that tells you when to turn off your bots, you can't have it though, nor will I explain how it works, but if you pay me I might let you blindly trust it" Yeah cheers Borat son!

  8. Bots are the best trading tool ever,if you know how to set them up,for start: min 30/40% SO !! I make 1500$ per month with one composit bot,and i didnt touch it from the first day i set it up,I just watch him makeing money (sry on my bad english)

  9. Another great video! … I signed up for 3commas and have a binance account with $1500 ….. what kind of bot do you recommend i start with for good growth?

  10. Whole point of a bot is to keep it running. At all times. You need a setup to cover a big enough drop with safety orders. If you are new to trading and crypto be very careful risking money on this guys advices..

  11. Hi, you were talking about DCA Bot Futures in the video. I'm wondering if you can make a video of how we should approach making Futures DCA Bots, or at least to give us your advice? I think many of us will need such info 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  12. I don't think DCA bots are smart enough to open a deal at the right time…most of the time we have to monitor all bots and deals which makes it useless as it's no more automated. 70% of the time bots open at wrong place.

  13. I don’t see any price 50% off change thru your link. How does your discount work on 3 commas subscribe when I click your link I don’t see any price changes it’s same price as direct link to them.
    For ex: their one year 49.5 a month is same as Your link . I don’t see any 50% off , is 50%off happen at check out ?

  14. Hi, You talking about Daily RSI, but in bot deal start condition you have rsi from 1m to 4 hours only? How to set this up?

  15. Hi TTP, thank you for the content, I am one of your Patreons 🙂

    I am currently working on software that can connect to the 3Commas API and set up an auto-compounding feature for the profit of the bots each day.
    Our next plans are to automate where/when our bots turn off/on depending on signals like the ones you presented, we have a good idea about how to do this technically(software), I am excited to share this with the community in the next month or two.

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