Standby Generator

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host Tim Carter explains what a standby generator is, how it works and why you should hire a professional to install your home generator.

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  1. I have that exact same generator and transfer switch installed in our home, it’s worth it’s weight in gold every time the power is out!

  2. I like these generators. I hate being out of power. I cannot stand a quiet or dark house. That's why I'm going to have one in my dream house that's powered by propane. Like you Tim, I won't have to worry about a thing except going about minding my business. This could come in very handy in case of a hurricane or any type of storm. What do you have your generator connected to? I'll have mine connected to all of the appliances and all in my house.

  3. I was told by an installer that air cooled generators must be shut off to cool down. This certainly cuts down on convenience. Is this true?

  4. That generator puts out 70 amps of power. enough to run electric water heater, ac ,stove microwave, fridge , all at the same time. as well as smaller appliances TV PC ect.

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  6. This has been TRULY informative and has removed the CRAP being marketed as truth by cheapskate installers and the REAL deal on getting a generator that run your ENTIRE house!

  7. I have a house in Lebanon up the mountains. Seven floors. It has a swimming pool, elevator, lighting, pumps, etc. The problem is that there is not enough power going to the moutains so we have powercuts happening 2-3 hours per day.The house has three standby generators. They are all differant sizes depending on how much electricity we need. The powercut we experience is less than 10 seconds compared to our neighbours which can last up to 3 hours for them. Thank you standby generators!

  8. @HoBustinJopson yes just add up what u want to run, there watts, things like refrige, and well pump, have starting watts, like frige, uses 600 watts but when it starts it uses 1200 watts for a sec, and just get a gen that has at lest 500 watts more power. that will save the gen head from burn out, so it will last u more years, then just get a manual transfer switch with as many switches to as many brakers as u want to run, 2 switches will be needed for 240v brakers.

  9. @txmoney Mine was on for 4 hours this morning. My cable Internet is still out. I'm doing this post via my backup wireless phone data plan. You need power.

  10. So, I'm guessing a typical 17kW standby will cost between $4,000-$5,000 plus the installation cost which could range between $2,500-$3,500. Total maximum cost = $8,500 + tax. That's quite an investment. But well worth it if you've ever experienced a power outage more than a couple days. I'm talking about you Connecticut!

  11. @BigYellow9999 What you forgot to mention is that you can't operate *all* the things you want at the same time. Do the math: Operating the microwave, a hairdryer, your well pump, a refrigerator and your dishwasher at the same time and you're portable generator is toast. And all this while you're using flashlights. When you reply to my comment, bring with you the wattage of everything in your house that *could* be on at the same time as if there was no outage. That's the real test.

  12. I'm a master electrician in Ontario, I've install several of these types of units, I do find them fairly costly, both for the product and the BIG install bill!

  13. @HoBustinJopson Yes, they can absolutely be expensive to install. You're paying for three things: tremendous extra power you can't get from a tiny gasoline generator, convenience because it automagically comes on and is HARD wired into your system, and above all SAFETY. Portable generators, with the spaghetti extension cords are not safe – not to mention the carbon monoxide hazard.

  14. nice you live in nh i reamember that it was bad thankgod for my dad he had a standby generator

  15. @hitachi088 The paint finish on the unit will probably last 30 years or more. You could also build a simple roofed structure with generous overhangs to keep all but a driving rain off of it. Installing a machine like this in a house is a recipe for disaster. Wait until you develop a tiny leak in the exhaust. Oh wait, you'll never know, you'll be dead of CO poisoning.

  16. @cyberlight22 Yes I did. I chose the Kohler because I felt it was a better machine. The installers also said they have had chronic problems with the brand you mentioned.

  17. @theavailablenamessuk Here in the USA we have a saying: Actions speak louder than words. You should consider stop making comments here. Take that energy and focus it on your video. At this point, you're all talk and no action.

  18. @theavailablenamessuk Sorry, you're on your own. You'll have to get a videographer like I did. Be sure to let us know when the video is complete. I'll add it here as a video response.

  19. @theavailablenamessuk I'm saying it from a technical point of view. We'll be waiting to see your video. Make sure you do a before, during and after one so we can see you doing all the steps. We all can't wait…!

  20. @stormyweather543 This one is a 17 KW and only runs part of the house. You can get larger ones, but they are expensive and really burn fuel when they operate.

  21. good video.. Tim Carter i sybscribe your channel. i saw today some of your videos and i like it.

  22. this would be a great thing to have here in South Florida with the Hurricanes we sometimes get. I currently have a 8000w "portable" thats I plug into a transfer switch when I need it. the key being I need to go out plug it in and then start it up. at least it has an electric start. I'll start setting my sites one like you are talking about.

  23. Someone else mentioned this in the comments below. I'll add some additional background here. I started to work when I was 8-years old because my dad was disabled. At age 17, I purchased my first car – it was *new*. I bought my first house at age 23. My mom and dad were poor as church mice. I discovered many years ago that if you work both smart and hard, you can achieve many goals. Does that help you?

  24. I only have the elementary tools,
    some MOSTA Driver drill,
    electric drill from mainland china,
    but its can't compare with your tools!!

  25. I own the tools. You don't, by chance, happen to ask women their age do you????

  26. I checked you videos out,
    you have many many profressional tools,
    it that all yours?or borrow from company or friend?
    thanks your video clips>_-"

  27. I'm a generator technician, and the place I work for is a guardian dealer. Guardian does have a line of diesel units. One of the bonus's of them is that they usually have a 4 pole alternator, and only turn 1800rpm vs the 2 pole 3600rpm that most gas units have (small gas models just don't have enough low end torque to run at 1800).

  28. Mine could run on natural gas or propane. I'm sure some can run on diesel. Just check yourself with the manufacturers

  29. I have looked into these vs. a solar panel and or wind turbine with a battery backup bank, like others up here in Michigan we have not had the power go out for more than 8 hours, not sure if batteries would do the job and certainly would not run all the things you mentioned. I guess it depends on a persons budget, a good battery bank with inverter might cost as much as one of these…Do any run on anything else than propane or diesel? Like natural gas? Propane is outrageous here..Thanks!

  30. It burns a surprisingly small amount of propane each hour. Some of my neighbors were without power for weeks. In bitter cold weather, you can have pipes freeze within a day.

  31. Veronica, you bet this could help you. If you go this route, be sure that the fuel connection to the generator is as earthquake-proof as possible.

  32. Actually what I wanted to say at first, and now you've given me the opening, is that your original question was very rude. It deserved a terse response. I transitioned from trading time for money to a situation where I get paid while I sleep. I've simply done what many authors, actors, singers, etc. have done. I get paid time and time again each day for work I did just once over the past 16 years. I sure hope you don't ask women their age.

  33. I've been working for the past 50 years. I bought my first new car at age 17. Bottom line: I've worked for everything I have.

  34. As of today, Lowes has a "KOHLER
    18,000 Watt Residential Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch, Air Cooled" for just under $5k. Just Google for more prices.

  35. I'm thinking this would be good for us folks living along the San Andreas Fault! We are trying to get prepared for the "big one," and perhaps we should buy one of these! Thanks for sharing this video! 5 stars!

  36. The price varies for the size of the unit and all sorts of things that the installer is confronted with at the site. I don't want to put my cost up here because it may be much less or more than what it might cost you. Plus, these comments are here forever and in a few years people will comment, "Dude, your prices are too low!" I'll then have to delete those comments.

  37. cool stuff! what kind of monies you talking about for one that size?
    enjoy your videos hope to see more from you.

  38. Simple questions, what was the cost of the Generator, Propane or natural gas connections and final, the cost for having it installed.
    I think most people should have one if living outside the city bounderies. Living in Quebec this is a must where mother nature does bring some nasty surprises.

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