Stand-By Generators | How It's Made

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We may not notice them, but if electricity goes out in public places or critical locations like hospitals, stand-by generators are must-have problem solvers. |

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20 comentários em “Stand-By Generators | How It's Made

  1. Can anyone tell me why they can put oil access on the top of a lawnmower but on a generator they purdy much put it under the generator and a shit ass angle?

  2. see how small gadge wire is just enough man double it up an give box brushes yoy must enigener this junk to last 3y so you will seel more build me a 100y model just as ez i will pay for it but once world sucks GOD is all thats keeping me down BOY thank him
    love ya darn it

  3. Green New Deal wlll eliminate stand by generators that burn gas or diesel or NG. They say we wont be needing them anymore as they will write a law requiring new energy technologies to be discovered..

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