Specific Person: Why Am I Still Struggling to Manifest My Ex Back? Do This

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Specific Person: Why Am I Still Struggling to Manifest My Ex Back? – If you have been ‘trying’ to get back with your ex for a long time with no luck or a partial manifestation, so for example: They are back and they are gone again. You can’t sustain it, then this might be why. You are still attached but you haven’t dealt with your human emotions.
I am a life coach as well as a law of attraction coach and an author. My aim here is to give you solutions to your law of attraction stumbling blocks.

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  2. please help me im trying to manifest my SP 1 year. I did everything , i cant let go this is hard to me cuz i want him so bad , and i think that i can’t be with him cuz of the terrible things what i did and said . 🙁 I did a lot of bullshit …and i know it is possible but this is a huge block for me

  3. Hey i just found your channel. Is there any way to private message you because I would really need help from someone who understands all this for my specific Situation with my ex. I saw you reply to comments so i hope you will teply to mine too. However if there isn‘t i would ask my question just here in the comments.

  4. My ex and I are still friends
    We talk everyday
    But I want him to be my boyfriend again
    Because it was good that way , now it’s not comfortable and I have so many questions all the time
    I’ve been trying to manifest the relationship
    If we are constantly in contact then how do I detach ?
    How do I live as though I already have it ?
    I’m confused
    Please help me out

  5. Evie, Why do people want their ex so bad after being betrayed, dumped,blocked and ghosted ???
    Don't you think it is not anymore love but obsession ?! Don't you think both groups need professional help ?

  6. This video is perfect! I know my sp will come back to me but I am in a little rut and that’s okay because I’m human and I can feel however I need to for a moment. I’ll get right back on my own pedestal!♥️

  7. Hello Evie, I have been trying to manifest an ex back into my life for several months now. We broke up almost a year ago and were on friendly terms a few months ago however that was brief contact. ive been working on myself in this time and i feel there is something unfinished however i am starting to lose hope. I had a psychic reading recently that told me we wont reunite and they have moved on. What should I do? should i believe that or continue to manifest? X

  8. Brilliant video again,really can relate to this ..thank you for your time and wisdom and the time you give to others xx

  9. Manifesting a sp should feel natural and not work I think my problem is just stalking my sp and reacting to his tweets

  10. Thank you Evie. As you know I really like your ideas. You are very open minded and not one of those strict LOA supporters,etc.
    I think the subject of bringing ex back is one of the most popular and money making in the 'relationship industries'. when you look at the statistics in North America, %85 divorce rate so we know most of the time it is not really about us…
    It is a trend going on for the past years…and surprisingly most divorces filed by women !!!
    Again if as a guy if I am sure I treated my ex with love, respect and kindness and she down the road changed her heart and terminated the relationship then it is waste of energy and time to analyse it and convince the ex to get back…
    The best thing to do as a guy: respect her decision and tell her: Sure, please let me know if you change your mind in the future.
    %99 of guys when they get rejected, they act like a kid and they make it worse!!! women are very smart…they always compare their ex BFs…
    cheers to Evie, she is not just a pretty face !

  11. So, I’m still a bit attached yet I’ve somehow manifested getting a job back at my old work where my my person works. We have had no contact for about 5 months. I’ve manifested the Neville Goddard work. I’m thinking that this apart of the process.

  12. I've given up on manifesting mine, almost like it cant and wont happen for me. I have weird feelings when I think about her now. I was so bothered for so long about getting her back and now I feel like I cant be bothered. It's really confusing and a bit of a muddle. I wanted her back for so long and now I wonder was she right for me but at the same time I think I'd still be gutted if she was with someone else. The break up was really difficult I'm not sure I want to try anymore and move on. Not sure what to do ?..

  13. I have felt all those things Evie discribes I felt disappointed in myself for not being able to manifest what I need.
    but now I send her good vibes unconditional love ..and positive thoughts.

  14. This is really comforting. I have really struggled trying to be strict with a mental diet but I am so exhausted because it is a constant battle. I already feel like this has taken such a weight off knowing I can have a bit of a whinge now and again instead of arguing internally to remain positive.

  15. Hey Evie, I commented on an older video about trying to manifest an ex back and that i had attachment. Well over the past few weeks ive been meditating a lot and got to a point where i feel i was no longer attached and i randomly had a feeling to contact them (havent been in contact for months) yet to receive anything back but im at peace with a response or not response. Was this a good idea to follow that gut feeling? or will it cause resistance?

  16. It’s been six months and the last text I sent (last week) I expected to be ignored but I used that as my sign to let go.
    Weirdly I’ve felt better since and starting to think less about him and feeling more positive about my future.
    Am I doing this wrong?

  17. You are so right. I do feel that attachment and resistance in my chest. I feel like in order to release it I would need to really accept that he doesn't wanna be with me and that he doesn't love me, but I'm afraid if I do (it would need to take longer so I really accept it and drop resistance ) , I'll create more of it. But keeping the hope makes the resistance bigger in me.

  18. Very useful thanks and rings true to me. I have been holding back and feeling bad for doing so. I now have permission to scream thanks!!

  19. Hie Evie greetings….. I hv a question…. I have been manifesting small and medium things and it seems to manifest pretty fast…… However once those gets manifested it tends to repeat multiple multiple times even though i manifested it once……why is that..??? Thnank u n hv great day…. Love ur videos…

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