Solar Generator Running My Whole House – Lion Energy Safari ME

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The lion energy Safari ME is a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with a 4000 watt surge capacity. In this video I will be using this portable solar generator to run my entire off grid cabin. Every outlet and light will be connected. Using a transfer switch I will disconnect from grid power and run everything in my house without a gas generator. Enjoy!

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  1. That was great both the inergy flex and the safari lion solar genetator is great best you can buy both to power everything inside the house

  2. Hello @FullmoonAdventureCLub. This video was absolutely amazing. One thing I wanted to be sure of is if you had the expandable battery pack connected. Did you only run the ME system in this video? Or did you also use the expansion?

  3. so can you run it during the day and keep the same amount of power or does it drain? How big of a system would you need to run it all 24/7 off grid?

  4. Hi! I (kind of) understand the transfer switch, I'm guessing it goes through the circuit breaker and if there's a power surge the breaker will trip? If I'm wrong please correct me. 🙂 but what I don't understand is if I don't use a transfer switch and I have an air conditioner that needs to be plugged into something grounded, can I safely plug the AC cord directly into the front of the lion ME? Is it meant to do this, and will it be grounded? Any info on this is appreciated. Thank you!

  5. that's so cool that you can power your whole house with that and not have to rely on the expensive power company to use there power, ? is that battery inside the unit replaceable if it ever goes bad, battery's can go bad overtime.

  6. Impressive… I'm in tx and could have used that last week… definitely on my "to buy" list

  7. Leoch is just as good for $1000. $2300 is a ripoff. The bluetti ac200 is more affordable at 1700

  8. @fullmoonadventureclub I bought this system after I watched your video. I'd like to know more, with details, how can I run all my electronics without been connected to the power grid at all. Thank you.

  9. Interesting. I wonder about the power button issue they had on the smaller as reported by Will Prowse

    Basically the device not responding to button pressed in certain things.

  10. Is this honestly real?! I have a skoolie, (school bus converted into a home) and I'm looking for solar power to run everything, meaning a 10.5 sqf fridge, 32" TV, charge cellphone, run a fan, a small washer, and about 10 LED lights to light up to skoolie in and out. HELP! I saw this LION in Walmart.

  11. I have just a few questions for you. Besides using an expansion pack to increase the capacity, will the ME be able to connect to a couple of Safari UT1300 batteries to expand its capacity? What is the spec for how long the ME will be able to sustain the rated surge wattage? Is the ME compatible with other solar panels besides the Lion Energy 24v solar panels?

  12. And another comparison, the Bluetti AC200 was just on Indiegogo for $1199 with a 1700wh capacity. Sure it doesn't have Lifepo4 batteries but it does have high grade auto lithium batteries rates for 2500 cycles also.

  13. Good Lord, if I read the spec correctly, this machine capacity is 922wh retailing for $2350 ?? Really ?? What a freakin ripoff.
    Heck if you don't need the bells and whistle, you could have gotten a Lion UT1300 at Costco for $750+ a 2000 Inverter($250) and you could have gotten a 1320wh combo for $1000 vs $2350. Sure I'm not comparing apple to apple but that machine is grossly overpriced even of the 15% discount. Heck I did buy the Lion UT1300 from Costco and built a housing for it. Attached a 2000w inverter to the housing and I have a portable generator with more capacity for less than half the price. Does pretty much everything that machine can do. And it freakin easy. Just attached some cables from the battery to the inverter and you can plug any electric gadget to it.
    BTW, I love your channel. My opinion is on the generator.

  14. Very impressive! Another great video. Thank you! I have two Lion UTs in my RV. I love them!

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