SAVE MONEY NOW – Economy Will Get Worse

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We need to start saving more money during the 2021 financial crisis which is about to get much worse. Here’s how much exactly

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if you were to time travel back to the year 0 – and you earned, $180,000 per DAY, for the next 2021 years, you would have LESS money than Jeff Bezos has today. It sounds impossible. Let’s run the numbers real quick: $180,000 a day, let’s assume an average month is 31 days (30.44 but we’ll round up), that equals $5,580,000 a month, which if you multiply by 12, you get $66,960,000, and if you multiply that yearly income, by 2021 years, you get $135,259,200,000. MEANING: if you earned, 180k a day, for 2021 years, you would arrive today, and realize – Jeff Bezos still has a higher net worth (billions more).

If the 2021 financial crisis has showed us anything it’s that we need to start saving money and not live paycheck to paycheck or risk having to wait weeks for stimulus checks that for some people, still have not arrived yet. Not to mention the Fed printing more money, which leads to inflation.

I wanted to revisit the idea of saving money because recently I saw Graham Stephan do a video about not saving money because that’s what can cause the economy to potentially not recover. And while that may be true, we should still save aggressively, because many of the millions of people that have lost their jobs in the 2021 recession – like my dad, may never get them back.

So how much money should you save and what should your net worth be? The AVERAGE net worth of an American is $692,000, that number is skewed because of how rich people in America can be – like the CEO of Amazon.

The MEDIAN net worth here in the US is only about $97,000. That’s taking all your “liabilities” or your debts, and subtracting them from your assets – and remember, they include your house, your 401k, your savings, your stocks including dividend stocks, bonds, etc.

Believe it or not, in a book published in 1996 called The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealth, the authors found that MILLIONAIRES, are more commonly found in middle or blue collar class income levels, than in white collar class – higher earning levels.

Here’s how we can calculate whether or not you’re doing a good job saving money, using a formula created by Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of the Millionaire Next Door. 3 DIFFERENT scores, rated UAW which means under accumulator of wealth, that’s the one you don’t want to be. Then there’s AAW which is average accumulator of wealth, and then there’s PAW – prodigious achiever of wealth.

You take your age, then you multiply it by your annual income (before paying taxes), so let’s say I make $100,000 a year and then you divide the result by 10. When I started 2021, my next worth was around $300,000 , which is taking everything into consideration, my debts which I have none, and my assets, which besides my stock account with Robinhood, WeBull, and M1 Finance – I don’t have anything else. The result of that formula gives me an answer of $310,000 which is very close to where I am today. What does this mean?

That means, I’m considered an AAW. An “average accumulator of wealth”.

If you’re curious how your net worth compares to the above average net worth person in the US, here some more numbers.

22 years old $0
23 years old $20,000
24 years old $46,000
25 years old $79,000

At age 30, 5 years later, the above average net worth is $250,000. Which goes up to $429,000 by 35, $660,000 by 40, $914,000 by 45. In your mid 40s, is when the above average net worth individual becomes a millionaire and compound interest makes more money than most people’s day jobs.

Please check out Financial Samurai’s blog, he’s incredible and will challenge many of your preconceptions about money:

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